HMS Valour

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HMS Valour

The HMS Valour, as she appeared before assigned to the west indies' Saint George Squadron of the White.

His Majesty's Ship Valour.


Rating: 4th rate

Class: Poseidon-class fourth-rate Ship of the Line

Shipyard: Turtling Bay

Launched: February 6th, 1723.

Status: In active service.


Total Guns: 60

Topdeck: 10 x 9lbs.

Upper Gundeck: 26 x 12lbs.

Gundeck: 24 x 18lbs.

Bow Chasers: 2 x 9lbs.

Stern Chasers: 4 x 18lbs.

Broadside Weight: 417lbs.

Crew: 575.


Current Captain: Victoria Page

Previous Captains: -

The HMS Valour, as she appears currently, under full sail.


February 6th, 1723


March 16th, 1723

Re-assigned to the West Indies Station.

January 12th, 1724

Fell Under Attack by the French Navy.
Received Critical Damage but Managed to Defeat the Enemy.
Repairs Needed.

January 29th, 1724

Completed Repairs and Launched.

March 5th, 1724

Hunted several pirate fleets down together with Captains: Earl Wilmore, Sir Leo Davis, James Thomson, Joseph Sullivan, and Ulysses Dent between Marsh Harbour and Nassau. More than forty Pirate and Spanish ships were sunk, several 2nd rates among them.

May 2nd, 1724

Sunk 3 pirate vessels and captured another with the help of Captain Fenix