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Incomplete.png This page is still under construction and may have important information missing. If you can help to fill in the gaps please do so.

The squadron takes great pride in providing a top quality website. We believe that it is something unique amongst PotBS guilds. Rather than have a static website we use a mediawiki to provide dynamic, user generated content that anyone can add to. Currently all SGS and British council members have rights to add to and edit the wiki and we encourage everyone to get involved and help make this the number one resource for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

How you can help

The first step is to log into the wiki. To do that you need a forum account and be a registered SGS or British Council captain. Log in using the button on the top right of the browser, using your forums username and password and click remember me to stay logged in on future visits.

If you haven't used a wiki system before, you should check out the }}Editing a page guide which will tell you the basics of wiki editing. Further guides can be found in the Category:Wiki Guides section.

Editing an existing page

The best place to start is to edit an existing page, either adding to or correcting information. The wiki has a category called Category:Incomplete which contains pages marked by users as needing more information. Go to the category and check the pages at the bottom of the screen. Find a page you might be able to help with follow the instructions on Editing a page. Don't worry about breaking the page, wikis are designed to quickly and easily roll back to earlier versions. Use the preview option to see your edits before finally completing the page and remember to add some notes in the Summary box telling others what you have done.

Editing pages is the best way to learn how the wiki works. In no time at all you'll be ready to create your own pages.

Creating a new page

Once you're happy with edits you can have a go at creating a wiki page from scratch. To do so type the name of the wiki page in the search bar. If the page doesn't already exsist you'll be given the option to create a new one. Creating a page works the same way as editing an existing page with a few additions.

You'll need to add the page to a category or use a status template so people can find the page easily. If you aren't sure how to use these systems don't worry, you can mark the page incomplete so that someone else will come along and finish the page for you.

Wiki Moderators

If you want to get more involved in the wiki you can work as a moderator. To do so you'll need to subscribe to the wiki RSS feed. This will send you a list of all the updates made to the wiki, highlighting the change and who has made them. Moderators help add the finishing touches to pages, marking them as incomplete or changing categories and lay out to make the wiki easier to use. They also roll back bad edits and report vandals to the admins.