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Ironworks Business Template

The Ironworks is a 2 port business, requiring Iron Mines and Forges in one port and Limestone Quarries in another. The business produces all the required raw materials and so is a good choice for someone who is able to haul 1440 tons of Limestone every 3 days. The business produces Iron Ingots, Nails, Iron Ship Fittings and Anchors which are all required in quantity for ship production.

Structure Information

  • Roseau or Bartica
    • 4 Limestone Quarries
  • Spanish Town or Port of Spain
    • 2 Iron Mines
    • 4 Forges


Your 2 Iron mines will produce a large amount of ore. It is recommended that you place the Forges as the iron mines so you only have to haul the Limestone.

You can alternatively set up Iron Mines, Advanced Forges or Assembly yards in Charlestown to increase output. If you do this you might want to set up Limestone Quarries in Roseau as it is closer. Make sure you have the Tax evasion skill as these ports are often under foreign control.

As of the time of writing Roseau has Lv10 infrastructure and a low tax rate for British captains. This makes it an extremely attractive location for your limestone quarries. Port ownership and tax rates can change so check before building your structures.

St. Johns will be your primary market.

Requirements to set up business

  • 2x Deed:Mine, iron
  • 4x Deed:Quarry Limestone
  • 4x Deed:Forge
  • 50x Granite
  • 32x Gravel
  • 8x Hemp Rope
  • 16x Iron Ingot
  • 4x Limestone
  • 142x Logs, Common Wood
  • 50x Logs' Oak
  • 4x Blocks, Oak

Production Information

  1. Limestone Quarries
    1. Quarry all available limestone
  2. Iron Mine
    1. Mine all available Iron ore
  3. Forge
    1. Smelt the Iron ore and Limestone stone into Iron Ingots. Use advanced recipes if available.
    2. Forge other other iron goods as the market demands. Check to see what is generating the best profits and selling well.