James Castor

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Captains full name: James Horatio Castor

Career: Naval Officer

Age of joining the Navy: 18

Current Age: 30

Reason for joining the RN: He thinks it is the best way to serve the Empire.

Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Conservative, disciplined and ambitious.

Captains Quote: "Fight makes you stronger."

Your captains aims and goals: To serve the Crown and gain recognition.

Friends and Family

Jeremiah Castor (FreeTrader) - Brother of James, an experienced merchant.

Record of Achievement

  • February 28th 1721 - Enlisted in the squadron

Present commands

HMS Erynnis - Fourth-rate ship of the line, Macedon-class. Commissioned: August, 1721.

HMS Enterprize - Third-rate ship of the line, Wenden-class. Commissioned: June, 1721.

HMS Merciless - Fifth-rate frigate, Mercy Naval-class. Commissioned: April, 1721.

HMS Leonidas - Fifth-rate frigate, Hercules Heavy-class. Commissioned: March, 1720.

HMS Predator - Fifth-rate frigate, Tigre Mastercraft-class. Commissioned: May, 1721.

HMS Nimrod - Second-rate ship of the line, Trinity-class. Commissioned: December, 1721.

Background Story

James was born in London, as the second son of a merchantman, Horace Castor. He served on several merchant ships, but later his ambitions lead him to the Royal Navy. In 1720, he volunteered to be assigned to the New World for greater challenges.