James Lupus

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Mr. Lupus


Name: James Lupus

Career: Freetrader

Age: 24

Baleen Shipping Company

James Lupus is the main proprietor and director of the Baleen Shipping Company; a business producing the finest outfittings for the modern warship. High quality gun tackles and state-of-the-art sails and rigs are produced and sold at reasonable prices. The goods are transported to and sold in Port Royal.

The Company comprises structures and employees in four ports of the Yucatan; Belize, Turtling Bay, Puerto Cabezas and Bluefields. Leather, sailcloth, iron and silver ingots, rigging and oak blocks are all produced within the company though outside contractors are necessary for the supply of gold ingots, wood tar and ironwood. Any merchants interested in selling these goods to the Baleen Shipping Company may speak directly to the director.

The safety of the Company's ships is ensured by the warship HMHV Lively, bought out of the service and assigned to escort duty.

Shipping Fleet

Ship Class Capacity Guns Route
Acutorostrata Bermuda 145 8 5-pounders Turtling Bay - Port Royal
Borealis Santiago 870 14 9-pounders Turtling Bay - Belize
Musculus Santiago 870 14 9-pounders Turtling Bay - Puerto Cabezas
Physalus Santiago 870 14 9-pounders Turtling Bay - Bluefields
Mr. Lupus discussing the merits of various gun tackles with the civilian ship trader in Port Royal

Friends and Family

Will Collister: An old friend of James Lupus.

Background Story

July 24th, 1698: Born.