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Captain Maddox SGS Officer, 1720

Captains full name: James Henry Maddox

Rank Held in the squadron: Baron

Career: Naval Officer

Age of joining the Navy: 14 years of age

Current Age: 36 years old

Current Assignment: St. George Squadron of the White, February 1719 to present

Talents: History, policy, and diplomatic service

Reason for joining the RN: Coerced into service by his grandfather in effort to help his mother, brother, and sisters.

Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Boat rocker. Hard to befriend, but loyal to those who become his friend. Fiercely republican, and not afraid to ruin his career unless someone else is hurt in the offing.

Captains Quote: "I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy." - John Adams

Your captains aims and goals: Live to see his sister in Boston again, as well as finish his novel. As for the RN, Maddox only wishes to ascend high enough in rank and career to where he is no longer under the boot of overbearing superiors.

Friends and Family

Rutger von Hauer [FT 23] A trusted business associate of James' grandfather, Bartholomew Pearse, von Hauer was asked to assist Maddox in any way he could. James Maddox thought he would instantly dislike the harsh Hessian due to his close association with Pearse, but Maddox quickly learned he could count on Rutger von Hauer in a pinch and has come to trust and respect him. Von Hauer is the proprietor of VonHauer Firearms Co.

Jason Arrowhawk [PV 22] Before coming to the Caribbean, James Maddox heard tall tales of dashing captains, swashbuckling heroes, and villainous pirate hordes, but took many of the outlandish stories as so much stuff. His preconcieved notions were dashed, however, upon meeting Jason Arrowhawk, naval captain turned privateer, and every bit the stereotype of the swashbuckling captain, swinging from ship to ship with a damsel in his arms. Jason helps add a little adventure to what can otherwise be a very dull naval existence on the burning sea.

Record of Achievement

  • October 4th 1721 - Retirement from active duty
  • August 7th 1721 - Assigned temporary duties as Inspector General, Caribbean.
  • June 6th 1721 - Assigned duties as Flag Captain.
  • June 1st 1721 - Distinguished Service Cross - Awarded for sacrificial actions at the Battle of Spanish Town.[1]
  • June 1st 1721 - Promotion to Baron
  • February 1st 1721 - Promotion to Knight
  • February 1721 - Governor's Commendation - Awarded for work with the British Council
  • December 1st 1720 - Military Cross - Awarded for fending off pirates until the bloody end. [2]
  • September 1720 - Previous Award Ribbon - Awarded for handing in military cross not earned in PVP
  • September 1720 - Promotion to Esquire
  • September 1720 - Admiral's Commendation - Awarded for continuing work on the wiki
  • February 1720 - Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - Awarded for one year of active service to the SGS.
  • February 1719 - Assigned to St. George Squadron of the White.

Background Story

James Maddox, a Boston colonial boy, was prest into the British Navy at the age of fifteen when he had accompanied his father, Henry Maddox, on a business trip to Portsmouth, England. He had thought he was there to learn the ins and outs of business, but instead was sent to meet a man named Bartholomew Pearce, a wealthy ex-navy shipwright and James' estranged grandfather. Pearce informed James, in no comforting terms, that Henry Maddox had given him the keeping of James in return for a generous bailout of Henry Maddox's business. It was Mr. Pearce's wish that James enter the navy as a midshipman and ascend to command, a feat Pearce had never accomplished due to injury. James resisted but it was made quite clear that the continued prosperity of James' entire family, including his beloved sisters, depended upon his obedience.

Serving aboard an outdated heavy frigate called Indignant, James met his three steadfast, lifelong friends. Harvey Pemrose, son of an Earl, had naval success already set out for him like a pair of socks. Peter Strike, an easy going boy, was constantly smiling his way out of trouble. William Hatchet was a bold boy, already scarred in battle, and ready and eager to fight tooth and claw.

James found that his Colonial heritage held him back in the navy, robbing him of accolades and promotions he rightly deserved, but after a series of victories too important to ignore, Lieutenant James Maddox was given command of a corvette, Element, and sent off to the Caribbean, under command of the Sea Lords of the St. George Squadron of the White, where he would be their problem from now on, and much good may it do them!

You can read the original exploits of Captain James Henry Maddox at his first log book here: [3]


James Maddox is invested heavily in Rutger von Hauer's family business, VonHauer Firearms Co.


Current Commands

  • HMS Indignant - ***Flagship*** - Hercules-class naval frigate - Assigned to combat patrols throughout Caribbean.
  • HMS Bulldog - Macedon-class 4th rate
  • HMS Flight of the Condor - Lancer-class naval cutter - Assigned to courier duty and


  • HMS Rattlesnake - Tigre-class mastercraft frigate - Attached to Ares Squadron.

Ships in Storage

  • HMS Parthena - Postillionen-class mastercraft frigate
  • HMS Celeritas - Archelon-class frigate
  • HMS Confounder - Mercy-class naval frigate
  • HMS Hannibal - Valiant-class 3rd rate ship-of-the-line

Ships Under Construction

  • HMS Tipperary - La Diligente-class tartane
  • HMS Adversary II - Capricieux-class mastercraft frigate - One of The Three Ghosts under James Maddox's command
  • HMS Element II - Capricieux-class mastercraft frigate - One of The Three Ghosts under James Maddox's command
  • HMS Rattlesnake II - Capricieux-class mastercraft frigate - One of The Three Ghosts under James Maddox's command

For a list of past commands, see Captains Record.