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Character Information



  • Rank: Baronet
  • Captains full name: Sir James George Thomson, 1st Baronet Thomson of Melford Hall, of Long Melford in the County of Suffolk. Native name Kalle Aaltonen.
  • Captain's Quote: "Ubi concordia, ibi victoria." - Publius Syrus
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Fights till the utterly end and he sacrifices what is his to help others in need. His endurance seems have no limit, thats why some call him "Mad Finn".
  • Captain James Thomson's aims and goals: Help the society that has more or less to become his family.
  • James Thomson's friends and family: Jeremy Thomson, Edwin Thomson, Randal Thomson, Charles Thomson.
  • Captain's Log

Special Awards Awards of PVP Valor Awards of PVE Merit Awards of Commendation out of game

Captain James Thomson's background and information

Joined Squadron Mar 3rd, 2008

Ribbons Awarded

Naval General Service MedalSt. Christopher Medal


Melford Hall in the County of Suffolk.

Record of Achievement (Naval Action)

Background Story (Naval Action)

1785th April 30th

Born at Finnish coastal village. Spending his childhood there happily till age of 7, when his parents have decided to send boy to naval school. Kalle will spend then his time at school and become sailor at tradership Drottning Sophia Magdalena, East Indianman type of ship.

1801th October 27th

Kalle woke up to the every sailors nightmare, the ship was sinking. They were located somwhere in the english channel. Something struck on Kalles head and next thing he knew was on longboat hitting on ships side, it was brittish ship HMS Edgar 74 guns. The hit received had cleared Kalles memory somwehat, but he was still able to speak and remember small scenes of his life before. But name and origin at that time was him unclear. HMS Edgar was commanded by George Murray, he examined and gave new identity to Kalle wich was James Thomson Midshipman. It was luck that they were around reurned from Battle of Copenhagen to pick Kalle (James) and his friends from the sea, it might also have been reason they were sunk? At least it was not HMS Edgar, they saved the lot. James ofcourse listed to British navy as he had no experience on anything else but sailing, he served on HMS Edgar untill it was sent to repairs in Chatham June 1802.

1803th May

James passed Lieutanants examination, and whit some contacts had his first command Cruizer-type Brig Sloop-of-war, HMS Hermes. Ordered to protect the East indian company ships and trade routes, he spend couple of years succeeding and proving himself in many operations against Brittains enemies. Also on these voyages he met whit some old friends that helped him whit his memory and finally James caught up to almost all of his past, but he did not want to return to it as he already had new life and new country.

1805th August

HMS Hermes was ordered to sail St Kitts for new tasks at hand.

Joins the Saint George Squadron

Certificates and Letters Patent



HMS St George 1st rate Ship of the line


HMS Answer 3rd rate Ship of the line

HMS Sturdy Belle Poule class frigate

HMS Strike Surprise class frigate

HMS Sprint Cerberus class frigate

HMS Strong Snow class

HMS Regal Royal Yacht

Record of Achievement (Pirates of the burning sea)

  • February 1720- First member to hit LvL 50
  • February 1720- Saint Christopher Ribbon - Awarded to captains at Sea for the first 2 weeks of release
  • December 1719 - Naval General Service Ribbon - Awarded for participation in closed Beta
  • St. Michael and St. George - Awarded to captains of the rank Knight and above

Background Story (Pirates of the burning sea)

  • Born 12 July 1698 in Finland native name given Kalle Aaltonen
  • 1713 Left home and took job from English trading ship. Started to use new name James Thomson as it was overall easier to everyone understand. And Spent two years aboard that ship learning the language and all about sailing. On this Voyage he also decide to change name something more friendly to british but decided to leave p out of Thompson so it would translate to thom son. Timon poika (Thoms son) in native language to honor hes fater.
  • 1715 By showing up his talents to the captain who then encouraged Thomson to join Naval Officer College.
  • 1716 Completed Training and was assigned to Frigate HMS Sprinter tasked to escort crowns long range trade operations.
  • 1716 The crew had gone through a lot lately diseases and cold but with Finnish "sisu" did Thomson still be the strongest link in the chain he kept doing night and part day watch while others were sick in their hammocks. Cuase hes heroic actions he was promoted to lieutenant, on the same ship for showing of extraordinary endurance when needed the most.
  • 1717 Captain Charlie Nikols was killed in battle and James Thomson took commanding of the ship in battle against pirates and managed to drive away the pirates. After returning to nearest British harbour. He then was then ordered to captain one capturen schooner wich was found to be the pirates ship Thomson faced earlyer. The ship was caught soon after the battle by a british manuvering fleet and they had surrendered instant.
  • 1719 Then Thomson returned to England after servicing 4 years escorting traders in Caribbean and now was commanding small Corvette. There he made new friends and was told he should join the squadron.
  • Joined to Saint George Squadron


Member of Sword & Dragon Gentlemen's Club