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Character Information



  • Rank: Esquire
  • Captains full name: Jameson Farence Macdonald
  • Captain's Quote: "It's all fun and games, til someone goes overboard, then its the bosuns job."
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits:
  • Captain Jameson Macdonald's aims and goals: To make up for the mistakes of his youth, and show his loyalty to the Crown that showed him mercy.
  • Jameson Macdonald's friends and family:
  • Captain's Log

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Captain Jameson Macdonald's background and information


Jameson Macdonald

'Captains full name: Jameson Farence Macdonald'

'Age of joining the Navy: 14' 'Current Age: 23'

MacDonald Coat of Arms.

“James, when will you ever grow up and stop looking at the sea?” -Bridgit Macdonald

Pre-Navy Life

Born in January of 1701 Jameson Macdonald was destined to be a forgotten third son of a cousin of an Earl shackeld to the land his family had worked for generations, however fate intervened and saved the lad from a life most dull.

At the age of 15 Jameson heard the rallying cry of the Jacobites and joined with the forces of The Old Pretender in what would become the Jacobite Uprising of 1715. Jameson served under William Maxwell the Earl of Nithsdale during the campaign, and was among those captured by the Crown’s forces at the Battle of Preston. Allowing for the youths age and the need for competent sailors in the wild caribbean, Jameson was given a choice, join his fellows on trial for Treason, or turn King’s Evidence, swear allegiance to the Crown, and receive a midshipman's warrant with Captain Marcus Spears leaving for St. Johns that very week. Having been enamored with the sea since an early age, and not truly knowing what he had gotten into with the Jacobites, Jameson swore his oath on the spot and was sent to Portsmouth to join with the company of HMS Rainsail.

Entry to the Navy

Serving under Captain Spears for the next 6 years the young midshipman was quick to learn the respect of the sea, experiencing the raw power of an Atlantic Hurricane no less than 3 times in his first year on station. In 1719 Midshipman Macdonald passed his examination for Lieutenant, and was named first officer of the HMS Rainsail, its previous first officer having been given his own commission shortly beforehand.

As Lieutenant, Jameson was often tasked with missions to destroy, dismantle, and otherwise disrupt the shore batteries of the Spanish forts along the island of Hispaniola, a task that he came to relish.

In Febuary of 1722, while sailing along the coast of Guanica near Jenny Bay, HMS Rainsail came under attack by a number of pirate vessels, and during the course of the engagement Captain Spears was struck down by debrits. Lieutenant Macdonald assumed command of the harried ship, and while escorting a crippled transport out of danger managed to destroy 4 of the so called ‘Bilge Rats.’ Reporting the loss of Captain Spears upon arrival at Jenny Bay, Jameson was granted a temporary commission as Master and Commander of the HMS Rainsail, owing to the gallantry and skill involved in the rescue of the transport.

List of Commands

Active Command

  • HMS Teddros Baine - 64 Gun 'Morduant Sleek' Fourth Rate Ship of the Line (Port Royal)

Ships of the Clan Macdonald

Other Ships I sail at this time

  • HMS Hobbington - 64 Gun 'Reason' Fourth Rate Ship of the Line (Marsh Harbour)
  • HMS Homer - 42 Gun 'Tigre' Mastercraft Frigate (Orleans)
  • HMS Warlock - 32 Gun 'Raa' Heavy Frigate (Tortuga)
  • HMS Triage - 60 Gun 'Macedon Hunter's' Fourth Rate Ship of the Line (Port Royal)

Former Commands

  • HMS Warlord - 32 Gun 'Raa' Heavy Frigate (Sunk by Pirates off Tortuga)
  • HMS Fearless - 22 Gun 'Cerberus' Frigate (Broken up)
  • HMS Rainsail - 6 Gun 'La Belle' Light Corvette (Broken up)

Record of Achievement

1722 - Enlisted in the squadron
June 21, 1722  Promoted to Master
January 3, 1723 Promoted to Esquire
January 28, 1723 Elected to Board of Flag Map 34: Squadron Secretary
April 18, 1723 Board of Flag Map 35: Squadron Secretary
May 3, 1723 Board of Flag Map 36: Squadron Secretary
May 30, 1723 Placed on Half-Pay by request
December 30, 1723 Returned to the Lists