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Captains full name: Jonathon "Jock" Lewes

Age of joining the Navy: 11

Current Age: 32

Reason for joining the RN:

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Friends and Family

John Erskine

Record of Achievement

  • February 1720 - Enlisted to the squadron - Joined the squadron under the old recruitment system.
  • June 1720 - Promotion to Master - Promoted for continuing service to the squadron.
  • Promoted to Esquire
  • Promoted to Knight
  • Promoted to Knight Commander
  • Promoted to Baronet
  • Retired from squadron
  • December 28th 1724 - Returned to squadron as a gentleman in patronage
  • January 30th 1725 - Promoted to Esquire for completion of patronage
  • February 6th 1725 - Accepted invitation into order of the bath and instated to Knight

Background Story

Birthplace: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Birthdate: 30th January 1688

Married: Louisa Spencer: 1710

Children: Emmanuel b: 1712 d: 1713 Christine: b 1715 Sarah: b 1717

Hobbies: Singing, Horseback Riding

1699: Entered into Naval Service as a volunteer under Captain Jonathan Baker on the HMS Monmouth

War of Spanish Succession 1702 HMS Monmouth: Participated in the battle of Vigo Bay

1704 HMS Monmouth: Participated in Sieges of Gibraltar and Velez Malaga

1706 HMS Monmouth: Operations with the English fleet with successes on the Spanish coast, capturing Cartagena (1 June), Alicante (24 August) and Mollorca and Iviza (September).

1707 Transferred to HMS Rye under command of Captain Edward "Old Grog" Vernon

1707 Was one of ten sailors who removed Admiral Cloudsley Shovell's body from seas after the sinking of his flag ship HMS Association during the Isles of Sicily incident

1710 HMS Rye: Saw action against the Spainards as Captain Vernon's squadron broke up an enemy group of ships off the coast of Cartegena

1712 Return to Britain following treaty of Utrecht

1713: Decides to stay with on board with Captain Vernon

1713: Promoted to 4th Lieutenant

1715: Appointed to HMS Assistance as 3rd Lieutenant

1717: Transferred to HMS Mary as 1st Lieutenant. Served in Baltic region

1719: Goes to Port Royal as Master & Commander of HMS Mary and transfer supports operations under the flag of Commodore Vernon who is now Commodore of Port Royal.

1720: Due to outstanding service to crown protecting merchant shipping from privateers and pirate raiders Commodre Vernon bestows the rank of Captain to Jock Lewes and appoints him as Captain of the vessel HMS Arsenal