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Character Information



  • Rank: Esquire
  • Captains full name: Captain John Drysdale Esquire, Royal Navy
  • Captain's Quote: Build Strength For Battle
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits:
  • Captain John Drysdale's aims and goals: Create efficient squadron shipbuilding.
  • John Drysdale's friends and family: Thadius Drysdale
  • [ Captain's Log]

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Captain John Drysdale's background and information

Background Story

Born in 1790 to David and Samantha Drysdale. As a young boy John had a fascination with building things and to his parents annoyance taking them apart to “see how they work”. At the age of 12 years John began an apprenticeship at the Fairfield shipyard in the nearby town the Port of Glasgow. A busy shipping hub supplying docking and cargo freight loading for the City of Glasgow some 22 miles to the east along the river Clyde. John immediately showed an excellence at engineering and worked on many of the moving parts of the ships being built and launched from the yard.

I’m the year of 1804, after repairing HMS Valiant which the current ships engineer had declared to be beyond repair, John was “encouraged” to join the ship by the Captain Sir Walter Station. A few short years later, the Valiant was sent to keep the Kings Peace in The Caribbean. When all out war began, the young engineer was requested to take charge of his Majesties ship production based at Truxillo. With the yard in full flow, the ship yard started producing ships capable of representing the King’s interests in the region ensuring taxation remained fully claimed for the crown.

Before long, new plans were sent to the Drysdale shipyard with full authorisation to start work on more and more complex ships. Finally in early 1818 the King granted Drysdale the privilege and the plans to produce the most powerful ships of the line known to the empire.

It was during this time that John was forced to come to the aid of trade ships entering Truxillo with shipments of wood for his latest project. Time and again John proved that he could captain ships and offer battle to his Majesties enemies. Short on Captains, the Royal Navy insisted that John Drysdale, esq. should become an active captain and join the battle to help maintain and increase the Kings presence in the region. John has Risen to the rank of Vice-Admiral and currently captains the 1st Rate Ship of the Line HMS Newark L’Ocean class newly launched from his own shipyard at Truxillo. With a White oak build with extra layers of white oak planking she will be sailed to defend any large port of the empire that comes under threat from any of his Majesties many enemies.

It is fully expected the Captain Drysdale will achieve the rank of Admiral in the coming months if not weeks.

Record of Achievement

  • August 1st 1819 - Awarded the Military Cross, for actively seeking action against the enemy on countless occations.
  • July 11th 1819 - Awarded the St. George Citation for Conspicuous Bravery, for his efforts in shipbuilding and economy.
  • July 1st 1819 - Promoted to Esquire.
  • June 13th 1819 - Joined the St. George Squadron of the White.

Certificates and Letters Patent


H.M.S. Kincaid Santisima Trinidad 138 July 1819 In service

H.M.S. Newark L'Ocean 118 August 1819 In service

H.M.S. Fairfield Victory 106 July 1819 In service