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  • Rank: Viscount
  • Captains full name: Kiefer Cain
  • Captain's Quote: Advice is free, everything else can be found on the Auctionhouse
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  • Captain Kiefer Cain's aims and goals: Maintain and provide the economic backbone to the British empire's military operations and various Captains of independent command.
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Captain Kiefer Cain's background and information

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Captain Lord Kiefer Cain

Full name: Captain Lord Kiefer Cain, 1st Viscount Barbuda, KG, KB, NGM, CCB

Kiefer Cain was born to colonial patriots in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. From an early age he demonstrated a talent for finding a deal, but as he grew older he chafed beneath the strict and capricious regulations of the colonial government. Seeking his fortune, he retraced his parent's steps to England where his talents were better recognized.

There he made a name for himself as a man who could get what you needed. Be it a shipload of mill ready Baltic firs, or a smuggler's hold from France stocked with millinery ready furs, he was the man to find it at the price you needed. As he gained wealth and prestige he was approached by a cabal of likeminded individuals with an interesting proposition. The new markets of the Caribbean required not only competent traders and hauliers, but also escorts for same as the waters were rife with pirates. To fill this need a new company was chartered by the crown with the elegantly simple name of the British Mercenary and Mercantile.

In his time in the company Cain continued to excel and hone his trader's craft. He added new skills to his repetoire and became a proficient gunlayer as well, taking great delight in the sight of a pirate cutter breaking into driftwood from a well placed shot. Alas, those happy days could not last forever, for when that many great men share so little a space discontent grows and the impulse to seek open waters becomes overwhelming. It was at this time that Cain heard of opportunities in the Crown's service.

He joined the Saint George Squadron and once again proved his flexibility. Not only did he maintain his economic mastery, but he applied his keen nose for potential profit to recruitment. In his ledger can be found some of the most illustrious names in the squadron, past and present, and their glory reflects back upon him. Knighthood and lordship were bestowed, but even with the lofty titles he was granted he continued to personally manage his economic ventures and assist others in developing theirs. To this day he continues to manage his plantations and manufactories in the lesser Antilles and charge into battle on the high seas to make the waters safe for other traders.

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