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Captains full name: J. R. Lapenotiere

Rank Held in the squadron: Knight Commander

Career: Naval Officer

Age of joining the Navy: 15

Current Age: 30

Reason for joining the RN: A French Catholic mob killed my Huguenot parents [1]. I was smuggled to England by an Uncle at the age of 13. I joined the Royal Navy to get revenge on the French for the murder of my parents and the destruction of my family name.

Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: I am aggressive in ship combat and am often seen sailing within enemy fleets, but am restrained and cautious during swordfighting, when discretion is the better part of valor (for opposite, see George Codwell)

Captains Quote: "We have won a great victory, but we have lost Lord Nelson"

Your captains aims and goals: To make New Orleans a permanent British colony and to spread law and order throughout the Caribbean.

Friends and Family

James Bond, Freetrader: James is secretly a member of the Royal Navy with the rank of Commander. However, he wears the persona of a merchant (banking, fine art, wines) in his role as espionage agent for His Majestry's Secret Service. His skill with a pistol is reknowned.

Jean Lafite, Privateer: If there's a red zone, Jean Lafite is probably in it. For win or lose, he is a pvp machine. He still enjoys going to French and Spanish ports and dancing naked in drunken revelry but is often chastised for it by Captain Alec Dai.

Record of Achievement

October 2009 - Promotion to Knight Commander For outstanding service in leading the lower level players.

August 2009 - Promotion to Knight For outstanding service in leading the lower level players.

August 2008 - Promotion to Esquire For outstanding service in leading the lower level players.

Current Ships

1st rate: Dulcinea, 104 guns

2nd rate: Excelsior, 92 guns

3rd rate: Pickle, x guns

Background Story

J.R. Lapenotiere was born and raised in France, until a rebellion against the Huguenots killed his parents and forced him to flee to England [2] at the age of 13. He was taken care of by an Uncle, and once old enough, JR joined the Royal Navy so that he could punish France for his injustices. There doesn't a day pass that JR isn't thinking about the overthrow of France.

Port Battles

July 4, 1720: Port St. Joe (vs French): Victory

July 15, 1720: New Orleans (vs French): Victory