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Line Ships of the SGS - The Pride of the Squadron

The Navy Board is hard at work supplying the SGS captains with the line ships they need to continue to dominate port battles now and in the future. Being given command of a line ship is the greatest honour a squadron captain can receive. All are sailed with caution, courage, and pride.

First Rates

Ship Name Class/Guns Date of Commission Commanding Officer
HMS Alfred Prince-class/106 November 27, 1720 Alfred Rawlings
HMS Ascalon Invincible-class/108 Under Construction James Thomson
HMS Britannia Invincible-class/108 Under construction James Wilmore
HMS Dulcinea Invincible-class/108 April 29th, 1721 J R Lapenotiere
HMS Prince George Prince-class/106 February 19, 1721 Leo Davis
HMS Royal Sovereign Prince-class/106 January 7, 1721 Everett Wick

Second Rates

Ship Name Class/Guns Date of Commission Commanding Officer
HMS Albion Trinity-class/96 October 27, 1720 Leo Davis
HMS Hope and Glory Triumphant-class/88 May 10, 1721 Will Collister
HMS Neptune Trinity-class/96 September 28, 1720 William Benbow
HMS Inexorable Trinity-class/96 December 15, 1720 Seth Seaborn
HMS Sovereign of the Seas Triumphant-class/82 December 22, 1720 Bob Faegun

Third Rates

Ship Name Class/Guns Date of Commission Commanding Officer
HMS Claymore Valiant-class/66 November 22, 1720 Leo Davis
HMS Hannibal Valiant-class/66 November 19, 1720 James Maddox
HMS Heroine Valiant-class/66 January 1721 C.S. Moradir
HMS Hood Wenden-class/76 July 25, 1720 J R Lapenotiere
HMS Hyperion Wenden-class/76 Constructing C.S. Moradir
HMS Kent Valiant-class/66 May 11, 1720 William Sherrin
HMS Pellinore Valiant-class/66 November 26, 1720 Virgil Kyle
HMS Ramillies Wenden-class/76 1720 Everett Wick
HMS Royal Oak Valiant-class/66 September 1720 Alfred Rawlings
HMS Swiftsure Wenden-class/76 1720 Bernard Richards
HMS Plymouth Wenden-class/76 April 5th 1721 Joseph Fletcher
HMS Warrior Wenden-class/76 December 6th 1707 Robert Middlemore
HMS Yarmouth Valiant-class/66 December 16, 1720 Bryan Barclay

Fourth Rates

Ship Name Class/Guns Date of Commission Commanding Officer
HMS Adventure Alexander-class/58 May, 1720 Roderick Morrow
HMS Agamemnon Alexander-class/58 1720 George Marshall
HMS Barrier Alexander-class/58 1720 James Thomson
HMS Black Prince Reason-class/56 May 1720 Leo Davis
HMS Crusader Alexander-class/58 September 1720 Joseph Fletcher
HMS Pickle Reason-class/56 May 1720 J R Lapenotiere
HMS Leicester Reason-class/56 April 1721 James Wilmore
HMS Manannan Alexander-class/58 May, 1720 Will Collister
HMS Marauder Reason-class/56 January 5, 1721 Lewis McLain
HMS Maverick Reason-class/56 1720 Seth Seaborn
HMS Monkeyshine Alexander-class/58 May 1720 J R Lapenotiere
HMS Nonsuch Reason-class/56 April 1720 William Sherrin
HMS Redoubt Alexander-class/58 1720 Bryan Barclay
HMS Saturn Reason-class/56 November, 1720 Bob Faegun
HMS Staunch Reason-class/56 1720 Bryan Barclay
HMS Sniper Reason-class/56 January 1721 C.S. Moradir
HMS Sunderland Alexander-class/58 May 1721 James Wilmore
HMS Royal Contender Mordaunt Sleek-class/58 January 1721 C.S. Moradir
HMS Razor Mordaunt Sleek-class/58 January 1721 Robert Silver
HMS Swan Alexander-class/58 1720 Robert Silver
HMS Heartsease Reason-class/56 April 14, 1721 Nathan Blatchford