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Captains full name: The Most Honourable Lord Thomas Mackenzie, 1st Viscount Scarsdale, of Scarsdale in the County of Derby, Baron Mackenzie, in the County of Derby, Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, Captain of His Majesty's Royal Navy, First Commissioner of His Majesty's Office of Commissions

Rank Held in the squadron: Earl

Career: Naval Officer

Age of joining the Navy: 12

Current Age: 45

Reason for joining the RN: To serve King and Country

Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Stern and to the point, he is a traditional conservative who believes in upholding traditions.

Captains Quote: Fortune goes to the brave

Your captains aims and goals: To serve and protect the King's interests in the Carribean as part of the Saint George Squadron's naval detachment to the region.

Friends and Family

Record of Achievement

Coat of Arms of the 1st Viscount Scarsdale
  • September 2008 - Long service ribbon - Awarded on completion of 1 years meritorious service.
  • December 2007 - Military Cross - For his service and dedication as First Commissioner
  • December 2007 - Bar for Naval General Service Medal - Awarded for participation in PotBS Closed Beta.
  • Febuary 2007 - Naval General Service Medal - Awarded to SGS members during 3 year anniversary
  • Bar for Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - For 3 years service to the SGS.
  • Bar for Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - For 2 years service to the SGS.
  • Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - For 1 years service to the SGS.

Background Story

Thomas Mackenzie is the second son of Sir Philip Mackenzie of Modbury, Devon, whose family had lived in Devon since arriving from Eilean Donan in Scotland in the sixteenth century as part of an exile after their great grandfather was captured at the Battle of Langside in 1568 fighting for Mary Queen of Scots army. Sir Horatio Baxter and Sir Walter Middleton, the sons of his sister Katherine, were his nephews. His aunt Emily McTavish was governess to the Duke of Cleveland. In 1687 when Thomas was 12 he was enlisted into the navy through their family's connection with the Duke of Cleveland where he served as a junior officer aboard numerous sloops, cutters and other assorted ships in the Mediterranean and with the channel fleet during the Nine Years War. In May of 1697 he was promoted to Lieutenant after successfully passing his exams. He was posted to the 26 gun frigate HMS Favourite where he served under Captain Herbert Dacres stationed out of Jamaica.

After several years of convoy escorts and small sorties with pirates as well as French and Spanish forces, he was transfered to 64 gun third rate HMS Boyne under the command of Robert Dacres. During this time he was involved in several engagements against Spanish naval detachments along across North American waters during the War of Spanish Succession. During a boarding action against the Spanish galleon Triste, he was severely injured when a small powder keg exploded, killing most of his boarding party. His hands were badly burned and despite healing, remained horribly scarred. As such he has taken to wearing black gloves in uniform ever since. The capture of Triste recovered nearly £600,000 of assorted gold, bullion and gems, of which he received close to £60,000. He also received an honorable mention in dispatches for his service during this action.

HMS Bellerophone

In June of 1704 he was promoted to Commander of the 20 gun sloop HMS Phoenix with orders to join Admiral Rookes squadron in the Atlantic. In August of 1705 when the squadron saw action at the battle of Velez-Malaga where he escorted the hospital ships Princess Anne and Jefferies in support of the Centre group.

In 1710 HMS Phoenix was paid off and he was put on shore leave for the following 6 months. During this time he met his wife Catherine, the daughter of a wealthy mercantile family. In the summer of 1711 he was posted to HMS Rye for 10 months before his promotion to Captain where he took command of the 28 gun frigate HMS York posted to the West Indies once again. In December of 1712 HMS York saw action against a small Spanish squadron off the coast of Cartegena at the end of the War of Spanish Succession where two sloops and a cutter were sunk. His patronage under Admiral Rookes continued and for his actions the following year in capturing a French heavy frigate in a surprise boarding action, he awarded a Knighthood. In the next 8 years of service Thomas saw various action, weathering four hurricanes, one of which nearly sunk his command HMS Magnanime, a fourth rate SOL. In the summer of 1715 he was assigned to the Admirals special squadron in the region, the Saint George Squadron, an elite detachment of Captains of various stature posted out of Port Royale. Through his years of service with the squadron he has risen from Knight to Viscount where he currently commands the 3rd rate Ship of the Line, HMS Bellerophone.