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Character Information



  • Rank: Esquire
  • Captains full name: Mark Dampier
  • Captain's Quote:
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits:
  • Captain Mark Dampier's aims and goals:
  • Mark Dampier's friends and family: Richard Forest, Abraham Whipple
  • Captain's Log

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Captain Mark Dampier's background and information


Friends and Family

  • Richard Forest, Buisness Associate
  • Abraham Whipple, Associate

Dampier Coat of Arms

Caot of Arms of Mark Dampier

The Shield:

  • Has Argent as the metal: Representing sincerity.
  • Has Azure as the Color: Representing truth and loyalty.
  • Has Gyronny for the pattern: Representing Unity.

The Helm:

  • Is an Esquire's Helm: Closed and facing right.

The Crest:

  • A Sword: Representing Honor and faithful service.

The Motto:

  • "Honor Super Omnium" – Honor Above All.

Economic and Production Facilities

Heavily invested in Mining futures, Foundries, and the production of Brass Ship Fittings. With interest in Guanica, Charlestown, and Spanish Town.

Record of Achievement

  • December 3rd, 1724 - Arrived in Caribbean, Commissioned as Gentleman in the St. George Squadron of the White.
  • December 30th, 1724 - Promoted to Esquire, Saint George Squadron of the White.
  • May 5th, 1725 - Mentioned in the dispatches and awarded the Military Cross. Nominated by: Jackie Tollbrook.

His Majesty, King George

I hereby petition that you recognize Captain Mark Dampier and bestow upon him the Military Cross for Valour in battle against the enemies of the British Empire.

On April the Eighteenth of this year, Captain Dampier, having only just gained command of a ship of the line, did sally forth against the French in defence of the port of Jaqueme. Though the battle was hard fought, Captain Dampier's ship suffered critical damage in the exchange and he was forced to retire from the battle.

Undeterred, the good captain expedited his repairs, and was able to sally forth against the French a second time, in defence of Leogane, where he - along with all other British forces present - was defeated by the powerful French naval force.

Captain Dampier's courage in the face of the enemy can naught but serve as a shining example to all who sail under British colors.


Captain Dame Jacqueline Marie Tollbrook, KB, SGC

Ships Under Commission

Captain Mark Dampier

  • HMS Hound, 12 Gun 'Lancer Naval' Cutter, (Open Sea)
  • HMS Red Witch, 26-gun Sixth Rate, 'Peregrine' Frigate (Open Sea)
  • HMS Alicorn, 32-gun Fifth Rate, 'Gallant' Naval Frigate (Open Sea)
  • HMS Resolute, 56 Gun Fourth Rate, 'San Fernando' (Open Sea)

Captain Richard Forest

  • HMHV,

Captain Abraham Whipple

  • HMHV ,

Port Battle Record

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result Ship Role
Jaqueme April 18, 1725 Defense FRANCE.JPG France Victory HMS Resolute

(Critical Damage)

Leogane April 18, 1725 Defense FRANCE.JPG France Defeat HMS Resolute

(Critical Damage)