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Welcome to the Misinstry of Trade

Introduction and Vision

The King (GB Nation council) has stated that the current preferred build for port battle ships is WO/WO. This gives a high number of hit point. The 1st rate ships prefferred are Santissima or L'Ocean for Large Port Battle assault or defence. For Shallow Water port battle the preferred ship is Surprise with a full broadside of carronades.

With this is mind i'd like to setout my vision for the ministry of trade in this game!

First and foremost, trading is not an esential or active requirement for players in the squadron. However, we are a squadron with many players that enjoy differnet asspects of the game and trading can be a part of that and is the best way to ensure we have an adequate supply of ships, upgrades and cannons to sufficiently and relentlessly bring the fight to enemies of the King.

Trading can mean many things it can mean farming gold and silver by doing cargo missions, delivering important passengers and can also describe the farming of materials for shipbuilding. As individual players it can be hard to find all the materials you need on your own. We start with only five building slots which can be increased to ten but this is still not enough to be totally self sufficent. We need to work together to provide the materials that we don't have access to for ourselves.

We have a clan warehouse which is currenrtly located at Truxillo. We should be using the clan warehouse to donate materials and useful upgrades, skill books, permits and currencies needed for shipbuilding. Currently as a clan we have a number of maximum level shipyards located at Truxillo that can produce the best Port Battle Ships with best Port Battle Bonuses. Very soon this will be eclipsed by Santiago De Cuba when the investments are completed there. We are now also capable of producing first rate ships of the line for port battle ships at Santiago. However, many of the surrounding ports still need some upgrading to fully support the shipbuilding initiative there. The long term plan is to move the main economy of the clan to Santiago De Cuba and with this I think we will need to move the clan warehosue. After this move anyone wanting to help the clan can donate materials that are needed for building ships to the clan warehouse. Clan shipbuilders can then use these resources to ensure we have the best ships available to help defend the nations ports, be that in port battles, screening fleets or generally patrolling the area and ensuring safe farming and transport for the nations traders.

I would ask that we hold off donating too many materials to the clan warehouse right now as we would then need to transport all of this the long distance to Santiago. These are ideas and strategies in development so please feel free to provide any feedback either directly to myself or on discord trade channel regarding anything to do with trading.

Materials Needed in Clan Warehouse

Material Current Demand
Combat Medals High
Doubloons High
Provisions High
Santissima Permits High
White Oak High
Oak High
Fir High
Material Current Demand
Coal High
Stone High
Hemp High
Live Oak High
Lignum Vitae Log High
Iron Ore High
Labour Contracts High
Sugar High

Port Upgrades / Investments

We are currently focusing on upgrading Santiago De Cuba with Gunnery 4 and Crew 4 still to be completed and this should be the primary focus. Portilo has white oak available for construction now