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Character Information



  • Rank: Knight
  • Captains full name: Sir Morgan Snow
  • Captain's Quote: Ex Cearulo , 'Out of the Blue'
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: aggressive,demanding, and oddly laid back
  • Captain Morgan Snow's aims and goals: To assist in the british conquest of the region, yet he is oddly haunted by past failures causing him to hold back in his commitment
  • Morgan Snow's friends and family: Harmon and Edmund Snow, his first cousins . Solomon Snow his father's byblow
  • Captain's Log

Special Awards Awards of PVP Valor Awards of PVE Merit Awards of Commendation out of game

Captain Morgan Snow's background and information

Snow Coat of Arms

(although inspired by a historial personage, this is a work of complete fiction)


Gather round my friends, And I'll tell you the story of a family of soldiers, heroes, and sometime blackguards which for a long time had been rusticating. The Snows , minor noble family from the south of England, were your usual fairly boring lot. An occasional soldier, a gentleman farmer, you know the sort of people I mean. You would meet one of the men in a coffeehouse and forget it, because they really had no impact. Despite the fact that in the past there had been some accolades,scandals and adventures ,family members had fought with the cavaliers in the civil war and before that service to one's nation dating back to the title being granted in the Crusades by Richard the Lionhearted. The Snows had become back country nobles and frankly boring

As you can guess from the tone, dear readers, that was all about to change with the birth of Morgan, son of the head of the house. Morgan was an odd young man for a Snow, He liked things that family members hadn't been interested in in a long time, and he was sadly a bad influence on his cousins Edmund (born a year and a half after Morgan) and Harmon (2 years later) In fact there were an awful lot of new sons born in an oddly short period of about 2 and a half years. But Morgan was the first and in many ways the trigger for the events that would unfold.

At the age of 14 Morgan did something, possible noble and heroic, but something that his pastoral father would not, could not allow so Morgan was shipped away, disinherited and made one of those nobles who is paid to not ever go home again. His father got him a midshipman's berth on a friend's sloop and arranged a small stipend which to this day pays a tiny amount to keep him from his home. When asked, Morgan will only smile tightly and say 'Somethings one just can't tolerate.' The next few years are your usual story of boy at sea, then man at sea, a rolicking tale of battles, long patrols, terrible food and a procession of ships and slow rise in rank. Finally Morgan become his own master in a ship that he will never forget. The Hellhound, a small fifth rate frigate, well handled fast and with decent guns, something he had long bemoaned. Then he got new orders ones that set the course of the story yet to come, a posting to the port of port royal and the promise of independant action and possibly someday a ship of the line.

Record of Achievement

  • November 1, 1722 - Enlisted in St. George Squadron of the White
  • November 12, 1723 - Promoted to Esquire
  • November 26, 1722 - Awarded Military Cross (MC)
  • August 13, 1723 - Promoted to Knight, Awarded The Most Honorable Military Order of the Bath (KB)