NA Ship 5th Rate Pirate Frigate

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General Information


The Pirate Frigate is based on the Frigate and as such she looks(apart from paint job) and performs almost identically however due to her not being craftable will generally be worse than an exceptional Frigate due to modules. She can however carry larger guns on her weather deck.


  • Gun Deck, 26 guns
    • Cannons: 18pd; Carronades: 32pd
  • Gun Deck, 12 guns
    • Cannons: 12pd; Carronades: 24pd
  • Bow Chasers, 2
    • Cannons: 6pd; Carronades: 24pd


The Pirate Frigate is a good all round ship for all the frigate class ships, she has good armour, good guns and has decent speed, that means she has no obvious weaknesses, but no obvious strengths either. The pirate frigate is also a bit better than the regular Frigate of same quality having larger weather deck guns(6pd for Frigate vs 12pd for Pirate Frigate), getting a larger crew and a tiny bonus to boarding.

It is identical to that of the Frigate. She too is a fair deal bulkier than the lighter frigates, such as the Cerberus and Renommee, and her low turn rate, coupled with her difficulties sailing even 15 points from the wind make her a more challenging ship to sail than any of the smaller vessels with which a Captain may have become acquainted before her.

Pirate Frigate Class Information

[[File:Template:Image Name|400px|]]

  • Rate: 5th
  • Guns: 38
  • Chasers: Bow Chasers
  • Broadside Weight:
    • Cannons 306pd
    • Carronades 560pd
  • Battle Rating: 180
  • Crew: 300
  • Sailing Crew: 110
  • Max Speed: 12.17kn
  • Turn Rate: 3.63
  • Structure
    • Bow Structure: 1100, Armor: 36cm
    • Side Structure: 4400, Armor: 60cm
    • Stern Structure: 440, Armor: 24cm
    • Sail HP: 4400, Mast Thickness: 86cm
  • Rigging: Square Rigged
  • Draught: Deep
  • Cargo Capacity: 225, Slot: 10

Crafting Information

Crafting Level: N/A

Labor Hours: N/A

Ship Yard Level: N/A

Recipe: Not Craftable

Materials List:

Notable Ships of Class

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