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General Information


The Renommee is for many the first dream ship they will command. One of the fastest ships in the game, she is agile and quick, while her hull's shape makes her ricochet shots quite frequently, and has the bonus of being one of the most lavishly decorated ships in the game.

The Renommee is a corvette, and will be one of the first three-masted square-rigged ships players command in Naval Action. If crafted with Speed and has speed improving modules added, she is the fastest ship when sailing downwind. The Renommee however, is not good when sailing upwind, and the two ships before and after her, the Cerberus and the Surprise, will be able catch up with her easily. While her hull's hit points do not seem to be amazing, the shape of her hull will cause shots to ricochet off very easily if angled correctly, thus making her feel like she is significantly more armored than she really is.

The main drawback of the Renommee is her guns. The heaviest long and medium cannons she can be armed with are 9-pounders, which do not pack enough penetration to do much damage to some of the larger and heavier frigates. Her top deck is also lacking, only able to mount four 6-pounders on the quarter deck which can cause complications with aiming if one is not experienced. Her lack of bow chasers reduce her ability to chase and hunt down other players from escaping the battle instance.

The Renommee is somewhat pickier in terms of points of sail than the other light frigates; the Cerberus and especially the Surprise. Fastest at point 135-150, her speed is notably compromised on other points of sail. Fortunately, her enormously high base speed balances this and outrunning ships on any point of sail, bar upwind, is essentially never a problem. However, Captains should be aware of her particular requirements for maximum speed and utilize her strong manoeuverability to best maintain a preferable position. The Renommee is terrific fun to sail, and perhaps her best feature is that she can almost always escape trouble by simply putting the helm to point 135-150 and setting every sail.


  • Gun Deck, 26 guns
    • Cannons: 9pd; Carronades: 32pd
  • Weather Deck, 4 guns
    • Cannons: 6pd; Carronades: 12pd
  • Stern Chasers, 2
    • Cannons: 6pd; Carronades: 18pd



Renommee Class Information

[[File:Template:Image Name|400px|]]

  • Rate: 5th
  • Guns: 30
  • Chasers: Stern Chasers
  • Broadside Weight:
    • Cannons 129pd
    • Carronades 440pd
  • Battle Rating: 110
  • Crew: 240
  • Sailing Crew: 60
  • Max Speed: 13.89kn
  • Turn Rate: 4.13
  • Structure
    • Bow Structure: 825, Armor: 31cm
    • Side Structure: 3300, Armor: 52cm
    • Stern Structure: 330, Armor: 21cm
    • Sail HP: 3300, Mast Thickness: 70cm
  • Rigging: Square Rigged
  • Draught: Deep
  • Cargo Capacity: 190, Slot: 10

Crafting Information

Crafting Level: 20/21/22/23/24

Labor Hours: 541

Ship Yard Level: 2


  • 23 x Ballast
  • 45 x Blocks
  • 27 x Cables And Howsers
  • 9 x Canvas Rolls
  • 19 x Cordage And Oakum
  • 147 x Fir Frame Parts
  • 16 x Furnishings
  • 31 x Iron Fittings
  • 26 x Medium Carriage
  • 233 x Planks
  • 9 x Rigging Parts
  • 20 x Rudder Parts
  • 6 x Small Carriage
  • 6 x Tar
  • 73 x Wooden Fittings


  • 0/1/2/3/4 x Mid Grade Note

Materials List:

  • 450 x Coal
  • 131 x Fir Log
  • 40 x Gold
  • 102 x Hemp
  • 280 x Iron Ore
  • 1 x Lignum Vitae Log
  • 85 x Oak Log
  • 5 x Pine Log
  • 80 x Red Wood Log
  • 100 x Silver
  • 36 x Stone Block

Notable Ships of Class

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