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General Information


The rattlesnake is a sloop of war, she has 3 masts and she is armed with 18 guns and 2 chasers and she is one of the most effective taggers due to her speed and chasers, however she lacks in armour and structure compared to her bigger alternatives the Renommee and the Trincomalee.

The Rattlesnake is an outrageously fast sloop of war, which means she is ship- or square-rigged. For this reason her high speed value means that she should be able to catch up with and force other slower square-rigged ships into combat. This role of tagging is precisely her design. Unlike the Renommee light frigate, the other lightning fast square-rigged vessel, the Rattlesnake carries bow chasers. This permits her to keep her enemy in combat while she closes in on them, making her an even better "tagger" than the Renommee.

Although not as resilient as the Renommee, the difference is not as remarkable as one might suspect for two ships so separate in size and class; a 37.5% lower structure and 25% lower armour is not an unreasonable price to pay for the Rattlesnake's extraordinarily useful bow chasers.

The Rattlesnake is square-rigged and so sails at her fastest around point 135 on a broad reach. Although not maximally fast, she still retains very impressive speeds across the whole range of 105-150. This is because her natural speed value is so high. Sailing at a beam reach, she still outsails essentially all other square-rigged vessels. The Rattlesnake is not as fast relatively as the larger square-rigged vessels running before the wind at points 165-180. However, her high natural speed means that she will still catch these other square-rigged vessels, just not as quickly as on other points. Finally, sailing upwind sees the normal loss of speed for a vessel with her sail plan but again the loss is not sufficiently notable to in general put her speed below that of the other square-rigged ships. In short, the Rattlesnake should have no trouble whatsoever catching other square-rigged vessels but will need to rely on clever manoeuvering and positioning if she is to catch fore-and-aft rigged unrated vessels.


  • Gun Deck, 18 guns
    • Cannons: 6pd; Carronades: 18pd
  • Bow Chasers, 2
    • Cannons: 4pd; Carronades: 12pd



Rattlesnake Class Information

[[File:Template:Image Name|400px|]]

  • Rate: 6th
  • Guns: 18
  • Chasers: Bow Chasers
  • Broadside Weight:
    • Cannons 54pd
    • Carronades 162pd
  • Battle Rating: 50
  • Crew: 120
  • Sailing Crew: 50
  • Max Speed: 13.66kn
  • Turn Rate: 5.20
  • Structure
    • Bow Structure: 600, Armor: 26cm
    • Side Structure: 2400, Armor: 43cm
    • Stern Structure: 240, Armor: 240cm
    • Sail HP: 2400, Mast Thickness: 58cm
  • Rigging: Square Rigged
  • Draught: Shallow
  • Cargo Capacity: 100, Slot: 10

Crafting Information

Crafting Level: 16/17/18/19/20

Labor Hours: 418

Ship Yard Level: 1


  • 20 x Small Carriage
  • 16 x Rudder Parts
  • 180 x Planks
  • 5 x Tar
  • 7 x Rigging Parts
  • 7 x Canvas Rolls
  • 35 x Blocks
  • 14 x Cordage And Oakum
  • 21 x Cables And Howsers
  • 24 x Iron Fittings
  • 56 x Wooden Fittings
  • 18 x Ballast
  • 6 x Furnishings
  • 114 x Fir Frame Parts


  • 0/1/2/3/4 x Low Grade Note

Materials List:

  • 180 x Coal
  • 125 x Fir Log
  • 20 x Gold
  • 66 x Hemp
  • 140 x Iron Ore
  • 1 x Lignum Vitae Log
  • 53 x Oak Log
  • 4 x Pine Log
  • 30 x Red Wood Log
  • 20 x Silver
  • 27 x Stone Block

Notable Ships of Class

Ship Name, Captain

  • H.M.S. Banterer, Lord Trentham
  • H.M.S. Copperhead, Lord Leo Davis
  • H.M.S. Malagasy Kestrel, Dame Ashleigh Bagster