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General Information


While the name may be cute and unusual, the Pickle is a good beginner ship with good sailing qualities and 12 guns.

Small and maneuverable, the Pickle is a good beginner ship after the Cutter and Lynx. She carries the same amount of guns as the Privateer. Although her hull is a little taller, this also make her crew less exposed to grape shot when fighting against other fore-and-aft rigged ships. Also, the Pickle has good downwind sailing characteristics for her class, and will be able to outrun most other smaller vessels when sailing downwind.

In her sailing profile it is immediately apparent is the odd nature of the Pickle's sailing capabilities. Fastest on point 90 in a similar way to similarly sized ships, she is not as strong as the other ships of her class around point 45. However, she makes up for this by being a decent sailer anywhere beyond a beam reach all the way up to running with the wind in her back. This sailing profile is unique for the unrated vessels and thus the Pickle will likely catch most other ships her class when sailing with the wind behind her beam. However, she should be wary of square-rigged vessels such as the Snow and the brigs, as they will outperform her on these points. Yet against these, the Pickle still retains the speed at a beam reach to escape. In this sense, the Pickle will often be able to avoid danger either by escaping at a beam reach from square-rigged vessels such as the Brig, or by escaping with the wind in her back against fore-and-aft rigged vessels like the Lynx or Privateer.


  • Weather Deck, 12 guns
    • Cannons: 6pd; Carronades: 12pd



Pickle Class Information

NA Pickle Side.png

  • Rate: 7th
  • Guns: 12
  • Chasers: N/A
  • Broadside Weight:
    • Cannons 36pd
    • Carronades 72pd
  • Battle Rating: 40
  • Crew: 55
  • Sailing Crew: 14
  • Max Speed: 12.76kn
  • Turn Rate: 6.04
  • Structure
    • Bow Structure: 425, Armor: 26cm
    • Side Structure: 1700, Armor: 43cm
    • Stern Structure: 170, Armor: 17cm
    • Sail HP: 1700, Mast Thickness: 58cm
  • Rigging: Sloop Rigged
  • Draught: Shallow
  • Cargo Capacity: 60, Slot: 10

Crafting Information

Crafting Level: 5/6/7/8/9

Labor Hours:

Ship Yard Level: 1


  • 11 x Ballast
  • 21 x Blocks
  • 13 x Cables And Howsers
  • 5 x Canvas Rolls
  • 9 x Cordage And Oakum
  • 67 x Fir Frame Parts
  • 14 x Iron Fittings
  • 106 x Planks
  • 5 x Rigging Parts
  • 10 x Rudder Parts
  • 12 x Small Carriage
  • 3 x Tar
  • 33 x Wooden Fittings


  • 0/1/2/3/4 x Low Grade Note

Materials List:

  • 120 x Coal
  • 89 x Fir Log
  • 48 x Hemp
  • 120 x Iron Ore
  • 1 x Lignum Vitae Log
  • 38 x Oak Log
  • 3 x Pine Log
  • 18 x Stone Block

Notable Ships of Class

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