Naval Action Regulation and Constitution Proposal

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Saint George Squadron of the White Constitution

Squadron Constitution Summery
The constitution contains the core values of the society and unlike every other regulation the constitution cannot be changed. This ensures that whatever happens to SGS it continues to be run in the style the original Sea Lords (SGS PotBS) and the Naval Lords (SGS NA) envisaged.
• Mission Statement All play styles encouraged
• Open Recruitment Recruitment never closed
• Squadron Regulations Must be followed by everyone
• Role Play Encouraged but not required
• Members Activity Minimum log on once a month
• Casual Gamers Friendly to casual gamers
• Founding Members Exempt from the above
• Public Wiki Wiki open to all visitors
• Spying and Espionage Never allowed
• Sub Groups Must not be exclusive
• Promotions and Awards Every month
• Trading between Captains Cash on delivery

Saint George Squadron of the White Regulations

In order to preserve the reputation of the squadron and ensure a fun experience for everyone, the squadron has a number of regulations.

  1. Voting
  2. Board of Flag Officers
  3. Chain of Command
  4. Character Names
  5. Ranks and Promotions
  6. Accepting Surrender
  7. Spying and Espionage
  8. Trading between Captains
  9. Forum regulations
  10. Coats of Arms
  11. Orders of Knighthood
  12. Forming Groups
  13. Alts and other characters
  14. Uniform

Saint George Squadron of the White Naval Action Roster

List the current officers and those who have expressed interest in joining

== Known Groups in Operating Area Both friendly and hostile groups within our area