Nominating for Promotions and Awards

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Nominating for Promotions and Awards

The Saint George Society uses a system of awards and ranks to decorate it's members. They are issued at the end of each month by the Council. In order to be given an award you must be nominated by another member. See the Promotions and Awards page for the criteria the Council looks for when evaluating members for an award or promotion.

To nominate a member for an award simply fill out the form to the right.

Use the drop down list to select the award. They are split into 3 types

Medals and Awards

  • PVP
  • PVE and non-combat (including Skirmishes and Duels)
  • Out of game (Wiki and Forums)

In the text box you should write an explanation of why the medal is deserved. Include as much information as possible with links to After Action Reports or screen shots. The more information you put here the more likely the medal is to be issued. If there are a large number of nominations the Council members will only select the most deserving so effort here is really worth while.

If there are multiple nominations for a single action the Council will generally select the most deserving so think carefully before nominating multiple members. It is generally better to make a solid case for a single member rather than copying and pasting a nomination for a full group of six.

That's it! Each month the Council will review the nominations and vote on each case. A number of medals will then be issued.


Follow the same process except you would select:

  • Recommend for promotion

Promotions and Awards Form

Click here if the form does not display properly to be taken to it directly.