Oli Awter

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Name: Oli Awter

Age: 24

BirthPlace: Unknown

Relations: Uncle - Oliver Awter (NO); Cousins - Lisa Awter (FT), Mason Awter (FT), and Eric Awter (FT).

History: Until recently, CPT Oli (now discovered to be Oli of the Awter family) had but a faint memory of his past. Often experiencing flashes of faces of people he'd possibly once known in a distant past, but could no longer recall. His earliest memories were of hunger and strife. Remembering days of thieving and sleeping in sewers, where local constables and youth gangs could not sneak up behind him to beat him or lock him up with hardened criminals. He became known as Oli The Hand, eyes that never missed anything, wit sharper than an ally cat, and his natural ability with a small blade unmatched in all the kingdom. At 13 yrs of age, he was caught stealing the purse of a member of the Brethren. His reputation proceeding him, Oli was given the choice of death or servitude. Choosing to live, as this was his most and only prized possession, Oli became a pirate. Not much is known about this time in Oli's life, he doesn't talk of it. It's said that he took a 2nd name and was so terrible and different in those days, that no one would believe you if you knew truth of his deeds then. And his friends today (who number many) would cut you down instantly for the liar you are.

At 17 yrs of age, Oli the Pirate, became 1st mate to one of Cpt Kidd's most trusted lieutenants. While pillaging a town near Turtling Bay, Oli the Pirate's ship was overtaken and quickly captured by a British Naval Officer; known as Cpt Oliver Awter of the Saint George Squadron. As Cpt Oliver Awter gave out orders to execute the captured surviving Pirates; Oli broke free, wounding the two men holding him and made to jump overboard... but was cut off by one lone British CPT (Oliver). Pulling a knife from his boot to quickly dispatch the Officer, Oli found himself for the first time in his life, on his back with a blade to his neck. Defianly gazing at the British Officer, expecting death, something unexpected happened. Cpt Oliver Awter hauled up Oli and firmly held him up by his collar, inspecting him closely. To the onlookers, it was like looking at the same man, 25 years younger.

Months later, after several investigations as to the history of Oli Awter and his relations with the distinguished Cpt Oliver Awter. It was concluded that Oli was indeed the sole-surviving member of Cpt Oliver's only sibling, who's entire family was killed by Pirates of the Brotherhood during a raid. Oli, short for Oliver, was the name his brother gave to his first born; in honor of Oliver receiving his commission into the British Royal Navy. After discovering a forgotten past and establishing a forgotten heritage. Oli the Pirate, became Cpt Oli Awter and using his uncle's powerful resources and recommendation... was pardoned of all charges, bearing that should the British Nation call upon his services; particularly those in dealing with the eradication of the constant Pirate threat, he heed the call.

After 7 yrs as a privateer for hire and loyal subject to the crown, Cpt Oli Awter has accomplished many daring missions, who's tales are told to children as an example to live by. But if you asked Cpt Oli's closest friends about the man he is... they'd say that every day he lives his life for the Nation he once took so much from, to erase the shame he brought upon himself and the name Awter. If you asked his uncle about the man he is today... he'd say simply "he's become who he was meant to be."