Patrol - 1720 - November 25 - Patrol at Carlos Harbour

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Priority Action

Ships in Action:

Benjamin Barclay - Mont Blanc Indiaman

William Blakeny

Alec Dai - Hercules Heavy Frigate

Leo Davis - HMS Albion - Trinity Second Rate

Bob Faegun - Mercy Naval Frigate

James Maddox - HMS Hannibal - Valiant Third Rate

Theodric Pastile - Reason Fourth Rate

James Raleigh - Gallant Naval Frigate

Seth Seaborn

William Sherrin

Declan Thorpe

Everett Wick - Dauntless Frigate

Action Setup:

This was the first SGS Priority Action. The British council tasked the squadron with an attack on Carlos Harbour during Tuesday evening GMT. The attack was to be a diversion while the main British force attacked Sabanqui. Once the main attack had pushed the port into conquest the British main group would move to Carlos Harbour to support SGS.

The Action Itself:

we started the assault shortly before 20.00 GMT, at that time the port was already at 1200 points Unrest. Leo Davis and Benjamin Barclay arrived first in the area, together they destroyed two Lurking Brethren Fleets until the rest of the group arrived. Then we started to hunt down countless pirate ships and fleets around Carlos Harbour. It took us about 4 hours to flip the port into conquest, the Pirates made no effort to counter our attack.

SGS was the only active society in the area, except for Auria Hellion which was hunting on her own in a Couronne MC Galleon. The expected reinforcements from the British main group did not arrive.

The Result:

Carlos Harbour was flipped and is now ready for a port battle. The many Pirate fleets we sunk provided us with a good amount of rare loot and special items. Giving us a nice financial reward for the effort.

The SGS should be able to sent a full group of captains into the port battle, with the massive amount of contention points each of us has earned.

Lessons Learned:

With Teamwork and a good line tactic the large NPC fleets can be sunk easily.