Patrol - 1721 - March 9 - Patrol off Port Royal

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HMS Boadicea

Ships in Action:


James Wilmore - H.M.S. Boadicea (Defiant-class fifth-rate 36 gun frigate)

James Castor - H.M.S. Oberon (Postillionen-class sixth-rate 20 gun frigate)


-Six large French merchantmen and frigates

Action Setup:

Doing patrol outside Port Royal with two frigates, when a fleet of six French frigates and merchantmen showed up on the horizon. Captain James Wilmore of the H.M.S. Boadicea and Captain James Castor of the H.M.S. Oberon decided to engage.

The Action Itself:

The French were outnumbering the two British frigates three to one, and also vastly outgunning them. However, the bold captains kept their wits, and despite some poor winds in the start ogf the battle they managed to outsmart their enemies. Under heavy fire from the French, H.M.S. Boadicea poundered away while her crew continuously repaired her hull and rigging. Meantime, H.M.S. Oberon gave supporting fire and diverged the Frenchmen's attention.

The Result:

Finally, after much thundering and smoke, the last French ship struck their colours and France was deprived of yet more of their precious resources.

Lessons Learned:

Even two captains on patronage can make a difference. And with good strategical and tactical skills, you may defeat your enemy even though you may be heavily outnumbered and outgunned.