Paul Melhuish

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'Captains full name:' Paul Andrew Melhuish

'Age of joining the Navy:' 15

'Current Age:' 31

Reason for joining the RN: For adventure and away from the life of thieving and crime

Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Cool,Calm and collective under fire

Captains Quote: Today is another day for death or glory

Your captains aims and goals: To be a great British navel leader of many fine battles and honor of the British empire

Friends and Family

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Alt 1 Name - Andrew Melhuish

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Record of Achievement

1721 - Enlisted in the squadron 3rd October 1721

Background Story

Born into a poor farming family in Devon.Had to take up thieving and begging to make ends meet for the family as my father joined the navy to get money for us.But was killed on the coast of France.So me and my mother and 2 other brothers were forced into thieving and begging.One day was caught by a capt Blackburn a navel officer of a small sloop based in Plymouth , he took pity on me and took me to his ship were i had a meal 1st time in 4 days.In payment i helped out by cleaning decks and helping around the sloop not very big but big for a teenager like me.This went on a few days then he had to set sail for a mission he put me ashore but i got back on and hid in powder room excited about adventure. I got it, we were attacked by a french 36 gun Frigate are mission was to drop of a person who was going to France on a spying mission.This person i had saved his life as we were boarded he was attacked by a couple of Frenches  i had me knife and jumped on 1  stabbed him in the back and knocking other one over as well. which gave time for the spy to shoot other 1. We survived the boarding as well but lost two thirds of are crew.So i was made a crewman and learn my seamanship the hard way . Turned out this spy was a son of a top Admiral and Capt Blackburn was promoted to a better 5th line Frigate and he took me with him as a low ranking 6th rate officer. From which i progressed to my own ship and a posting to the Caribbean  

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