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Captains full name: John Percival Hackworth IV

Age of joining the Navy: 17 years

Current age: 35 years

Rank held in the Squadron: Esquire

Career: Naval Officer

Reason for joining the RN: To place his love of the sea, his abilities in seamanship, and his fondness for artillery into constructive use for the betterment of King and Country and to the confusion of her foes.

Personality and traits: Intensely introspective and studious, Captain Hackworth is often taken as standoffish and uninterested in the more mundane aspects of proper society. A reformed perfectionist, he has come to realize that excessive zeal in the elimination of error is in and of itself a flaw. Often found muttering to himself over some new tactic or maneuver which might be employed to great effect against his foes, he might be mistaken as a doddering academic by those who do not know of his penchant for decisive action. Captain Hackworth is a shrewd judge of character and ability in others and makes it a point to ensure those he sails with are equally motivated to excellence. Always eager to learn, he is never parsimonious with his own knowledge or time and has only the utmost scorn for cowards who shy away from helping those in need.

Captain's quote: He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea. - Thomas Fuller, 1608-1661

Your captains aims and goals: To serve King and Country with honor, alacrity, and skill. To distinguish himself, his friends, his squadron, and his country in all things nautical and martial. To be a trusted resource at sea and on shore.



HMS Meridian

Wenden Class 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

Active Duty Since January 1722

Record of Achievement


1719 - Exploratory Service
1719 - Entered service with Royal Red of Antigua
1720 - Assigned to Black Lions detachment within the Royal Red
1720 - Promoted to Commodore of Black Lions
1720 - Promoted to Vice Admiral of the Navy within the Royal Red
1720 - Dissolution of the Royal Red and formation of The Drakes
1721 - Recalled to England, placed on Half Pay

Jan 1722 - Called to Service, Roberts
Jan 1722 - Enlisted in the Squadron
Feb 1722 - Promoted to Master
Mar 1722 - Squadron Reassigned to Antigua

Mar 1722 - Squadron Reassigned to Antigua
Apr 1722 - Promoted to Esquire

Friends and Family

Miss Hackworth

Full name: Jacquelyn Renee Hackworth

Age: 23 years

Relation: Half-Sister by Father

Background: En-route...

Background Story


The history of House Hackworth is currently in transit from England.