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Squadron Flags

Squadron Flags Flag 1 Flag 2
Animated Flag SGS.gif Animated Flag White.gif

The Personal Flags of the Captains of the Saint George Squadron of the White:

(In aphabetical order)

Captains A - D

Captains A - D Flag 1 Flag 2 Flag 3
Captain Bryan Barclay Animated Flag Barclay.gif
Captain William Benbow Animated Flag Benbow.gif
Captain Andrew Blake Animated Flag Blake.gif
Captain William Blakeny Blakeny2-copy.gif
Captain Nathan Blatchford Blatchford Standard.gif
Captain Anthony Carter AnthonyAnimatedEnsign.gif
Captain James A. Clonfert Clonfert2 Unweathered-copy.gif
Captain Alec Dai Animated Flag Dai.gif
Captain Leo Davis Baron Davisflag Unweathered-copy.gif Animated Flag Davis.gif

Captains E - M

Captains E - M Flag 1 Flag 2 Flag 3
Captain Charles Edwards Animated Flag Edwards.gif
Captain Joseph Fletcher Animated Flag Fletcher.gif
Captain Jonathan Grey Animated Flag Grey.gif
Captain Percival Hackworth HackworthFlag Animated.gif DrakesFlag.gif
Captain Virgil Kyle Animated Flag Kyle.gif
Captain J.R. Lapenotiere AnimatedNewOrleans.gif
Captain Gabriel Laurence Laurence-flag4-animated.gif Laurenceanimated.gif Laurencecombat.gif
Captain James Maddox Animated Flag Maddox.gif
Captain Thomas Mackenzie Animated Flag Mackenzie.gif
Captain George Marshall Animated Flag Marshall.gif
Captain Paul Melhuish AnimatedMelhuish.gif
Captain Robert Middlemore File:.gif
Captain Roderick Morrow Morrow2.gif Morrow3.gif
Captain Louis Mountbatten Animated Flag Mountb.gif

Captains N - T

Captains N - T Flag 1 Flag 2
Captain Jack Naseby Nasebyflag4.gif
Captain William Henry O'Neill Animated Flag ONeil.gif
Captain Victoria Page Page-flag-animated.gif
Captain Bernard Richards Animated Flag Richards.gif
Captain Davy Roberts Animated Flag Roberts.gif
Captain Seth Seaborn Seaborn Clean-copy.gif
Captain Edward Southwick AnimatedSouthwick.gif
Captain Joshua Talbott Talbottflag.gif
Captain James Thomson Animated Flag Thomson.gif
Captain Andrew Turner Animated Flag Turner.gif

Captains U - Z

Captains U - Z Flag 1 Flag 2 Flag 3
Captain Clotworthy Upton Animated Flag Upton.gif
Captain Douglas Walters Animated Flag Walters.gif
Captain Everett Wick Animated Flag Wick.gif
Captain James Wilmore Wilmore Red Ensign animated.gif Wilmore White Ensign.gif Wilmore on Ensign.gif