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Friends and Family

Gareth Cuthburt: Once upon a time, the SGSotW was stationed in an area far to the East, but after discussion and authorization, the base of operations was moved out West. Upon traveling the western ports for scouting purposes, the then head of the Naval Board (One rather accomplished Naval Captain achieving the rank of Admiral within the King's Navy in two previous war campains as well as being the first SGSotW member to Captain a Line Ship Of The Second Rate [Thanks to amazing amounts of time & Effort by Captains Sherin and Thomson] by the name of Raymond Desolo), happoned upon a very poverty-stricken begger by the name of Cuthburt. This was a very old man, badly beaten by the ravages of time and sea-life, but he had a particular quality about him that Head Quartermaster Desolo couldn't ignore; he had a ship & claimed to be willing to sail tirelessly around the Carribean transfering cargos. Head Quartermaster Desolo had issue believing the latter, but with the then Second Sea Lord Hawke's permission, a contract was formed between Cuthbert and the SGSotW.

The decision proved extremely fruitful, and before long the sagely wisdom Head Quartermaster Desolo instilled into the old man raised him out of poverty and into a position of being one of the British Navy's greatest traders.

Record of Achievement

St. Michael and St. George - Awarded for obtaining the rank of Knight.

Long Service Ribbon - Awarded for 1 years active service

Naval General Service Ribbon - Awarded for participating in open beta.

Military Cross - Awarded for non-PVP activity.

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