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Character Information



  • Rank: Viscount
  • Captains full name: Captain the Lord Viscount Robert Clifford Middlemore, GC, DSO, DSC, MC, RN
  • Captain's Quote: "Be first to strike the flints, and last to strike the colours."
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Brave to the point of foolishness, Capt. Middlemore's style of seamanship tends towards an aggression that borders upon reckless. However, he is at all times fastidiuous in the observance of orders. Though constantly hungry for action and fast to a battle, his braggart demeanour hides a thoughtful and philosophical nature often expressed through black humour.
  • Captain Robert Middlemore's aims and goals: To aid in the growth and strength of the nascent British Empire, and if such aid were to be rewarded and reflected with a knighthood, a presitigious command, and a comfortable country manse in England - all the better.
  • Robert Middlemore's friends and family: Arthur Cavendish
  • [ Captain's Log]

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Captain Robert Middlemore's background and information

Record of Achievement

  • February 25th - Joined St George Squadron of the White with the rank of Gentleman
  • March 23rd 1721 - Promoted to the rank of Master
  • April 1st 1721 - Awarded Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry for coming to the aide of a fellow captain against considerable odds.
  • May 7th 1721 - Promoted to the rank of Esquire and awarded Admiral's Commendation
  • June 1st 1721 - Promoted to the rank of Knight
  • June 30th 1721 - Promoted to the rank of Baron
  • August 2nd 1721 - Promoted to the rank of Viscount and awarded Military Cross for heroism at the Battles of Puerto del Principe and West End
  • September 2nd 1721 - Awarded Distinguished Service Cross for valour in port battles
  • January 2nd 1722 - Promoted to the rank of Earl and awarded George Cross for boarding and carrying a Spanish First Rate at the Battle of Puerto del Plata

Background Story

Middlemore Arms.png

The social advancement of himself and his family; a keen interest in sailing and the sea; and a dutiful desire to serve King and Country were the reasons for joining the Royal Navy. The son of a Cumberland burgher, Robert grew up in the commercial port of Whitehaven where he acquired a fascination with ships. Excelling his studies, it took little encouragement from his father to guide him into the life of adventure, danger, and potential glory offered by the Royal Navy.

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