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Council Members

Council members are representatives from the games that The Saint George Society is currently participating in. To be official they must meet the criteria here and be approved by the Council. Each game may only have one Councilor representing it and they can be selected however the guild in that specific game chooses.

Any Council member on the roster should be tagged with this category page and appear bellow.

Rank Name Arms Orders Joined Commission Awards Country Position
Earl Joseph Fletcher Fletcher Small.png Kbkgsm.png Feb, 2004 July 1st, 2017 Award PVP3 S.pngAward PVE0 S.pngAward OOG3 S.png United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland First Lord
Earl Nathaniel Blatchford Blatchford Small.png Kbkgsm.png Mar 11th, 2009 Apr 1st, 2017 Award PVP4 S.pngAward PVE1 S.pngAward OOG3 S.png Norway Commissioner
Viscount John Page Page Arms Small.png Kbkgsm.png Feb 17th, 2011 Apr 1st, 2017 Award PVP1 S.pngAward PVE0 S.pngAward OOG3 S.png The United States of America Society Secretary
Baron James Thomson Thomson Small.png Kbsm.png Mar 3rd, 2008 Aug 5th, 2017 Award PVP2 S.pngAward PVE0 S.pngAward OOG0 S.png Finland Secretary of Society Recruitment
Knight Alistair Pellew Pellew Arms Small.png Kbsm.png Mar 31, 2013 Sep 1st, 2019 Award PVP0 S.pngAward PVE0 S.pngAward OOG0 S.png Nat United Kingdom(Great Britain).png Chief of Society Personnel

Board of Society Flag Officers

Chief of Society Personnel

Runs the Human Resources side of the society. This includes maintaining the roster, managing the medals and promotions system and helping members to complete their paperwork.


The Commissioner creates graphics for the society. This include members forum avatars and coats of arms.

Secretary of Recruitment

Manages the recruitment and patronage system for the society.

Society Secretary

Oversees the website and forums.

Society Flag Officer application form

Click here if the form does not display properly to be taken to it directly. Before applying for the board, check the current applications. For the society to run smoothly it is important that each role is adequately filled. Please read the current application for the role you are interested in, the board is chosen based on seniority and it is hoped that a high ranking officer would pass in favor of a lower ranking officer with a good application. If there is a gap which you can help fill or a busy task that requires more help then please complete the form below.

Forming the Board of Flag

Members are invited to apply at any time. Existing members must fill an application to confirm they wish to continue.


  1. At the end of each quarter (three months) the size of the board for the next quarter is calculated as 12% of the full membership rounded to the nearest odd number. With a minimum of 3.
  2. A poll is then created, that lasts 5 days, in the Council office with a separate option for each applications primary and secondary choice. Each voter is given the number of choices as there are seats on the board. The Council then votes for the new board.
  3. Any member requires a minimum one-half (50%) of the votes cast by the Council in order to assume office. Members with less votes will be considered "Non Confidence" and not awarded the role. (e.g. If there are twelve members on the Council; in order for a member to be inducted into the new board they require a minimum of six votes.) These are hard votes, and modifiers (Rank, and only in office) will not be applied to a member not gaining 1/2 (50%) in favor.
  4. The results are modified with the following points:
    1. Baronet +1
    2. Baron +2
    3. Viscount +3
    4. Earl +4
    5. Most votes in that department +20
  5. The highest scoring members form the board (ties are resolved by seniority)

Stepping Down

A member may step down from the board at any time. He returns to his former status with full honours. His place is then filled as soon as possible.

Removing a Flag Officer

In the unlikely event that a board member is not performing his duties but will not step down he can be retired after a Council vote.

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