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This role is no longer in use!

The Senior Officers were for many years the administrative leadership of the Squadron. This system was replaced by the Board of Flag Officers on November 22nd, 1722. This page is kept for reference only.

Basic Duties

The Senior Officers are the leaders of the Squadron. Among themselves, they vote upon promotions and awards, they take strategic decisions and lead according to the Squadron Orders and the Squadron Regulations.

Leading the Squadron in-game

In-game, the highest ranking officer has the tactical command. This means that if a Senior Officer is logging in, he may ask the currently ranking officer to report, and then he may issue orders accordingly. A Senior Officer should be prepared to take command over groups and lead in battle, as well as helping out new officers with leveling up their characters or helping them in missions, etc. (For guides on PvP, see this page.) If a captain misbehaves, a Senior Officer should talk to him and try to sort out the situation.

Website and forums

On the website and in the forums, the Senior Officers may give advice and guidance, and sometimes orders or clarifying statements. They also vote on promotions and awards, and take strategic decisions for the Squadron. Senior Officers are moderators in the forums.

Voting for promotions

Once each month (on the 20th), a poll should be set up in the Senior Officer's board to vote upon promotions. When the month is over, the results are announced and new ranks go into effect. Promotions should be announced in the SGS forums as well as in the FLS forums.

When a patronage officer has been on patronage for more than 10 days, and there are some reports on him, a poll should be set up in the Senior Officer's board to vote on his full membership. When the vote is done and if he is promoted, his new rank is announced in the forums. (If possible, the Senior Officers will try to gather some patronage officers together, to prevent having votes and promotions all the time. )

Voting for awards

Each month, captains in the Squadron may nominate other captains for medals and awards. The Senior Officers decide what awards that will be given through a vote (similar as for promotions, described above).

Additional information

A Senior Officer is named as Lord (since he has the rank of Viscount or above).