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Seaborns' Coat of Arms
Marquess Seth Seaborn

Captains full name: Seth Seamus Seaborn

Age of joining the Navy: 8 years

Current Age: 31

Reason for joining the RN: Father was a British NO. There never even was a discussion about choosing a different career.

Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Reliable, calm, concentated, but inconfident when fighting the French, as his father died in a battle against two French Frigates.

Captains Quote: His majesty the King and I are confident of victory (Horation Nelson)


Friends and Family

Peregrine Seaborn, Freetrader (Seth Seaborns' uncle, 52 years old)

Record of Achievement

  • January 1st 1722 - Promotion to the rank of Duke
  • January 1st 1722 - Distinguished Service Cross, for good tactical group-commands in portbattles, and for bravery in a battle against "Les Elites", sinking Ubert le Danois.
  • November 3rd 1721 - Military Cross Award, for leading the british Nation to victory in the Portbattle of Port Saint Joe
  • October 1sr 1721 - Promotion to Marquess of Linlithgow and Strafford
  • June 1st 1721 - Promotion to Earl of Strafford
  • May 13th 1721 - Promotion to Secretary Recruitment
  • April 21st 1721 - Long Service Ribbon for one year of service in the Saint George Squadron
  • April 1st 1721 - Promotion to Senior Officer, awarded with the Viscountcy of Torrington
  • March 2nd 1721 - Admiral's Commendation
  • March 2nd 1721 - Promotion to Baron
  • February 5th 1721 - Order of St. Michael and St. George
  • February 5th 1721 - Promotion to Knight
  • January 20th 1721 - Acceptance as Squadron-Chaplain
  • January 9th 1721 - Promotion to Esquire
  • April 21st 1720 - Promotion to full member and Master
  • March 11th 1720 - Formal Application to the Squadron


Background Story

Short Timeline for Seth Seaborn

1694 |- Birth of Seth Seamus Seaborn in Stromness, close to the bay of Scapa Flow, Mainland of Orkney, as son of Sebastian Seaborn, Captain in the Royal British Navy, and Niamh Abercrombie. | || 1696 |- Deployment of Sebastian Seaborn into the Caribbean. With his Frigate, the HMS “Newport”, he is dispatched to St. John's. His wife and little Seth follow him on a ship of the british Freetrader Eric Wilson. Arrival in St. John's in January of 1697. | || 1697 |- Death of Sebastian Seaborn in a battle against Pierre Le Moyne (Sieur d'Iberville), not far from St. John's. After his ship was dismasted by the French Ship of War "Envieux", Sebastian Seaborn was killed by a gunshot from one of the Canadian troopers, Le Moyne had taken over in Quebec. | || 1706 |- Seth Seaborn signs on as Captain’s Servant on the britisch Lineship HMS Nassau | || 1714 |- Death of Niamh Abercrombie, Seths’ mother. After long struggles she dies of cancer. | || 1716 |- Consignment to Lieutenant | || 1717 |- Commanding Officer of the old Sloop “Stallion” (first command), patrolling the coast of Cuba | || 1719 |- The “Stallion” sinks, after the sudden burst of rotten planks. Seaborn and his crew (except one man) are picked up by the privateer Jeremy Fletcher. | || End of 1719 |- After losing his old ship, Seth Seaborn is put into non-acting service and on half pay. | || March 1720 |- Seth Seaborn returns to active duty and enlists with the Saint George Squadron of the White. After receiving his letter of conduct in April, he takes over command of the 4th Rate Ship of the Line HMS Newport. | || January 1721 |- Seth Seaborn is promoted to Esquire and takes over command of the 2nd Rate Ship of the Line HMS Inexorable | || February 1721 |- Seth Seaborn is knighted and receives the Order of St. Michael and St. George. | || March 1721 |- Seth Seaborn is promoted to the rank of a Baron and receives a commendation of the Admiralty for his service as SGS-Chaplain. Two days later the HMS Venture is launched. fifth rate frigate to hunt french privateers. |- | || April 1721 |- Arms Viscount Torrington.png | || King George awards Seth Seaborn with the Viscountcy of Torrington for his service in the british Navy. |- | || June 1721 |-

Wentworth3.gif |- | || For his Leadership in a time of crisis Seth Seaborn receives the title of the 1st Earl of Strafford. His wife and little son leave the Colonies and move into Wentworth Castle, home of the Earl of Strafford. | ||