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This is an overview of interesting special items, especially outfittings, that can be gotten in special contexts around the Caribbean, i.e. as mission rewards, turn-ins etc.

Essential PVP Items are listed separately.

Ship Items

Ship Outfittings

Figurehead: Pig

The Figurehead: Pig is a level 26 general ship outfitting of the "Bow" category: Close-Hauled and Upwind Battle Speed +7%; Beam Reach and Luffing Battle Speed +6%.

To get the Pig you have to complete a chain of five level 31 missions from the Admiralty Office in Havana, starting with the mission We Aren't the World. The last two missions of the chain are solo missions. In the fourth mission, Pig Tracks, you have to take care, because the final mission The Thing Beneath the Fort is accepted and accessed from within "Pig Tracks", so you shouldn't click out of this mission, even if it shows that all objectives are completed.

The mission chain belongs to the Seven Deadly Sins group of missions. Seven mission chains of five missions each in various Antilles ports all have different Figureheads as (part of) their rewards. The Deadly Sins mission chains at La Isabela, Puerta de Plata and Gibara each give you 5 Magistrate's Commendations for Excellence in addition to that.

Juggernaut Broadside Armor

Juggernaut Broadside Armor is a general ship outfitting of the "External" category: Armor Integrity +5%; Broadside DR +4; Maximum Battle Speed -1%.

You can get it as a turn-in from the daily mission Baptism By Fire for 25 Defender's Accolades.

Large Golden Cross

The Large Golden Cross is a level 35 general ship outfitting with no category: Maximum Battle Speed +2%; accuracy, damage, turn rate, reload and acceleration +2% or 3% each. Due to its (missing) category it can be combined with general outfittings of the "Ship Speed" and the "Rigging" category.

San Marcos has a long mission chain that consists of numerous missions from Abasi Demers, Jelani Agyei and Shoorai Edeline. The Large Golden Cross is a mission reward for a swashbuckling mission quite early in that chain where your job is to recover religious artefacts.

Tax-man's Rigging

Tax-man's Rigging is a level 37 general ship outfitting of the "Rigging" category: Maximum Battle Speed +4%; Grappling Offense +7. Due to its category it can be combined with general outfittings of the "Ship Speed" category.

To get Tax-man's Rigging you must have at least +500 reputation with the Brethren of the Coast. An easy way to increase your reputation with them is sinking national fleets, but no Brethren fleets, for some time. To start the short mission chain you need to talk to the Town Boss in Tortuga (Fort Vasseur district) who will give you the level 35 ship combat mission Respect. This is followed up by the level 37 ship combat mission Death and Taxes, already the end of the chain.

Vigilant Spotters

Vigilant Spotters are a general ship outfitting: Maximum Open Sea Speed +9%; Open Sea Spotting +200; Accuracy +3.

You can get them as a turn-in from the Island Harbour daily mission for 3 Defender's Accolades, or as a choice mission reward from the daily's prequel mission Turnabout Is Fair Play.

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Jury-Rigged Barrel

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Avatar Items

Avatar Outfittings

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Useable Avatar Items


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Stat Boosters

Item Name Effects Location Cost / How to receive One use
Pramas Estate Reserve Porto Increase in dodge and parry(AVcom) Charlestowne, Junk dealer / Cayo de Marque,Junk dealer. (1)ruby pendant, (1)pouch of ruby Yes
Hayes' Hoodlum Hooch Increase to crew damge(OS) Morgan's Bluff (1)gold plaque, (1)silver plaque, (1)jade plaque Yes
Sharp's Blackout Stout Moral boost(OS) Cat Island (1) gold goblet, (1)silver goblet Yes
Justin & Justin's Double Hopped Ale Boost to accuracy and health(AVcom) Gibara (1)Emerald pendant, (1)pouch of emeralds Yes
Pitoro Explosivio Damage over time (AVCom) Havana, Daily mission Turn in The daily you want is the Prisoner hijinx, the turn in cost is one bible/sermon Yes
Betrater's Ship Modification Internal Equip(will stack with other dam mods). +11.4% Damage, -10% Max Crew, -5 crewmembers Ruddy Cove See Fortune Beeley, to get mission, Big Surprise (level 38) No
Sharp's Blackout Stout Recovers 30 morale Les Hattes, Campeche, Grenville, Cat Island Collection of Goblets (silver, gold) Yes
Captain Wood's Orange Liquor +1 Dodge, +1 Parry, 1 Minute Duration Jenny Bay, Vera Cruz, Charlesfort, Marsh Harbour, Oranjestad Collection of Stone (Eagle, Jaguar, Madonna, Mask, Warrior) Yes
Hoynes' Hoodlum Hooch 6.5% Cannon damage, 1 minute duration Rosignol, Barilla, Fort Caroline, Morgan's Bluff Collection of Plaques (Gold, Jade, Silver) Yes
Williams' Medicinal Wormwood Extract +1 Ranged Accuracy, 1 minute duration Villa Hermosa, St. Augustine, Harbour Island, Georgetown Collection of Necklaces (Silver, Gold) Yes
Marquess Misha's Lavender Liquor +.1 (point one) initiative regen, 1 minute duration Bartica, Sisal, Tampa, Whitby Collection of Earrings (Silver, Gold, Obsidian) Yes
Shumate's First Mate's Rum +10 avcom offense, 1 minute duration Port of Spain, de L'isle, Roseau, Basseterre Collection of Skulls (Silver, Jade, Gold) Yes
Hewitt's Head Syrah Regenerates ~50 guard over 5 seconds Bridgetown, Santiago, Leogane, Guanica Collection of Pendants (Silver, Obsidian, Gold, Jade, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) Yes
Reverend Tynes' Revitalizing Tonic +4 Parry, +1 Guard Regen, 1 minute duration Vieux Fort, Puerto Cabezas, Ruddy Cove, Santo Domingo Collection of Gemstones (Emeralds, Pearls, Rubies, Sapphire) Yes
Matt & Toby's Tobacco Infused Vodka +2 Melee accuracy, +5 avcom offense, 1 minute duration Bluefields, Caracas, Turpitude, New Orleans Collection of Blades (Obsidian, Silver, Gold) Yes
Miller's Autumn Mountain Ale Recovers 15 health over 15 seconds Caracas, Bluefields, Turpitude, New Orleans Collection of Jade (Plaque, Jaguar, Pendant, Eagle, Ring, Warrior, Skull) Yes
Brendan's Bottled Grog +4 Parry, 1 minute duration Maracaibo, Belize, Golden Lake, Biloxi Collection of Rings (Silver, Gold, Jade) Yes
Irby's Floral Eau de Vie +3 Grappling Offense, +6 Grappling Defense, 5 minute duration Maracaibo, Belize, Golden Lake, Biloxi Collection of Eagles (Stone, Obsidian, Gold, Jade) Yes
Tom's Discount High Proof Hooch Significantly increases movement speed, 1 minute duration Cape de Vela, Santa Catalina, Jacob's Clock, Pensacola Collection of Jaguar (Stone, Obsidian, Jade, Gold) Yes
Harvey's Hard Cider +1 Initiative regeneration for 5 seconds Collection of Masks (Stone, Gold) Cape de Vela, Santa Catalina, Jacob's Clock, Pensacola Yes
Professor Herndon's Miracle Elixir +4 Grappling Offense, +8 Grappling Defense, 5 minute duration Collection of Pearl (Pouch, Pendant) Rio de la Hacha, Ambergris, Carbaneras, Belle Isle Yes
Yarrow's Wood Grain Alcohol +1 guard regeneration for 5 seconds (This is actually a heal so you won't see it on your character pane) Collection of Obsidian (Earring, Jaguar, Pendant, Eagle, Warrior, Blade) Rio de la Hacha, Ambergris, Carbaneras, Belle Isle Yes
Caniff Highland Scotch Restores 1 health per second for 15 seconds Collection of Warriors (Stone, Obsidian, Jade, Gold) Cartagena, Sabanqui, Port St. Joe, Riding Rocks Yes
Chateau Murchison Madeira +6 Avcom offense, +2 melee accuracy, 1 minute duration Collection of Silver (Earring, Plaque, Pendant, Necklace, Ring, Skull, Goblet, Blade, Madonna, Cross) Portobelo, St. Rose's Bay, Nassau, Jaqueme Yes
Saada's Banana Liquor Recovers 5 guard per second for 5 seconds, movement speed increase for 1 minute duration Collection of Madonnas (Stone, Silver, Gold) Turtling Bay, Havana, La Isabela, Orleans Yes
Santa Theresa's Sacramental Wine +.5 (point five) guard regeneration, 1 minute duration Collection of Crucifixes (Silver, Gold) Santa Clara, Puerto del Principe, San Marcos, Spanish Town Yes
Pramas Estates Reserve Porto Movement speed increase, 1 minute duration Collection of Ruby (Pendant, Pouch) Cayo de Marquis, Puerta de Plata, Cabo Raphael, Charlestown Yes
Justin & Justin's Double-Hopped Ale 17 health over 15 seconds, +3 dodge for 1 minute duration Collection of Emerald (Pouch, Pendant) Irish Point, Iguana, Gibara, Island Harbour Yes
Mad Maginn's Mezcal +.15 (point one five) Initiative regen, +1 Melee accuracy, 1 minute duration Collection of Sapphire (Pouch, Pendant) Matthew Town, Port-de-Paix, St. John's, Trinidad Yes
Admiral Elbow's Old Tyme Sour Mash +5 Parry, +6 Avcom Offense, 1 minute duration Collection of Gold (Earring, Jaguar, Plaque, Pendant, Mask, Eagle, Necklace, Madonna, Cross, Ring, Warrior, Skull, Goblet, Blade) Tortuga, Port Royal, San Juan, Pointe-a-Pitre Yes

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