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The following document forms the constitution of the Saint George Squadron. This document outlines the aims of the squadron and cannot be edited by any member at any time.

The Constitution of the Saint George Squadron of the White

Mission Statement

The Saint George Squadron is a player created guild created for the benefit of it's members. Primarily so they may play Pirates of the Burning Sea, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The Squadron will also support playing other games, internet activities and other social events. The Society will promote and offer all styles of play including but not limited to; PVP, PVE, Economy, Missions and Role Play.

Open Recruitment

Any player may apply to join the squadron regardless of age, nationality, race, location or any other factor. The squadron will never close recruitment.

Squadron Regulations

This constitution and articles included in the Squadron Regulations will be followed by all members.

Role Play

The Squadron will be friendly to role-players and it's members will actively promote role-play in Pirates of the Burning Sea and other games. The Society will be advertised as a role-play society.

Casual Gamers

The Squadron will be friendly to casual gamers and will not require it's members to play for a minimum amount of time each month.

Members Activity

The Squadron will gauge member activity based on last logged date, either through the website or game (when figures become available). The minimum log on requirement will not be more frequent than once a month.

Founding Members

The remaining founding members of the squadron will be exempt from the last logged on requirement laid out in 1.6.

Public Wiki

The Squadron's wiki will be maintained as a public resource, open to other gamers and the general public. The squadron will promote an attitude of sharing knowledge and information. This does not extend to the private sections of the squadron forums.

Spying and Espionage

The Squadron will never engage in espionage or spying against another guild, society, group or individual.

Sub Groups

Sub Groups and organizations may be formed for role-play or organization reasons. A sub group may not have it's own regulations or chain of command. A sub group may have specific entry requirements created and edited after a standard vote. These entry requirements must be obtainable by every member and will not contravene article 1.2.

Promotions and Awards

Squadron promotions and awards will be run every month as laid out in the Squadron Regulations


An amendment can be added to the constitution provided it does not modify, nullify or circumvent an existing article. A amendment may be added after a Squadron Vote.

Trading between Captains

All trading between Captains (including trades with non SGS officers) will be on a 'cash on delivery' basis. Officers will not demand advance payment or defer payment for goods received. Nor will they run a donation or banking system either privately or on behalf of the squadron. This will not preclude receiving or giving gifts to other players or an automated tax / tithe system, should it become available.