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Incomplete.png This page is still under construction and may have important information missing. If you can help to fill in the gaps please do so.


This is a status template, a short template which should be inserted at the top of a page to show the status of the page.

The ongoing, collaborative nature of wikis means that pages are never truly complete, however this template can be used to mark a page as requiring more information. This lets the reader know that the page might not hold all the answers, and also allows authors to easily find pages that rewire some attention.

Searching by status

Each page including this template is automatically added to the :category:Incomplete. To help fill in the knowledge gaps, please browse to the category page and see if there is a page covering a subject you can help with.

Then edit that page and add any new information you can, remembering to add a Summary in the box at the bottom of the page.

if you think you have filled in all the big gaps in the page you can then remove the template.


The following code should be added at the top of a page