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When editing or adding a ship to the ship class page copy and past the following code into the NA Ship Class Page.

|Class_Name= {{Name of Ship Class}}
|Image = {{Image Name}}

|Description = {{Description of Ship goes here}}

|Armament =
*{{Deck}}, #guns
**Cannons: {{Size}}pd; Carronades: {{Size}}pd
*Stern Chasers, #
**Cannons: {{Size}}pd; Carronades: {{Size}}pd

|Characteristics =

|Rate = 
|Guns = 
|Chasers = 
|Cannon Broadside Weight = 
|Carronade Broadside Weight = 
|Battle Rating = 
|Crew = 
|Sailing Crew =  
|Max Speed = 
|Turn Rate = 
|Bow Structure = 
|Side Structure = 
|Stern Structure = 
|Bow Armour = 
|Side Armour = 
|Stern Armour = 
|Sail HP = 
|Mast Thickness = 
|Rigging = 
|Draught = 
|Cargo Capacity = 
|Cargo Slots = 
|Crafting Level = 
|Crafting Labor Hours = 
|Ship Yard Level =  
|Recipe = 
/*WikiList Recipe Here

*0/1/2/3/4 x {{Craftting}} Grade Note

|Materials List = 
/*Materials List goes here

|Notable Ships =

General Information







{{{Class_Name}}} Class Information


  • Rate: {{{Rate}}}
  • Guns: {{{Guns}}}
  • Chasers: {{{Chasers}}}
  • Broadside Weight:
    • Cannons {{{Cannon Broadside Weight}}}pd
    • Carronades {{{Carronade Broadside Weight}}}pd
  • Battle Rating: {{{Battle Rating}}}
  • Crew: {{{Crew}}}
  • Sailing Crew: {{{Sailing Crew}}}
  • Max Speed: {{{Max Speed}}}kn
  • Turn Rate: {{{Turn Rate}}}
  • Structure
    • Bow Structure: {{{Bow Structure}}}, Armor: {{{Bow Armour}}}cm
    • Side Structure: {{{Side Structure}}}, Armor: {{{Side Armour}}}cm
    • Stern Structure: {{{Stern Structure}}}, Armor: {{{Stern Armour}}}cm
    • Sail HP: {{{Sail HP}}}, Mast Thickness: {{{Mast Thickness}}}cm
  • Rigging: {{{Rigging}}}
  • Draught: {{{Draught}}}
  • Cargo Capacity: {{{Cargo Capacity}}}, Slot: {{{Cargo Slots}}}

Crafting Information

Crafting Level: {{{Crafting Level}}}

Labor Hours: {{{Crafting Labor Hours}}}

Ship Yard Level: {{{Ship Yard Level}}}

Recipe: {{{Recipe}}}

Materials List: {{{Materials List}}}

Notable Ships of Class

Ship Name, Captain

{{{Notable Ships}}}