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Captains full name: Shaun Jerivs

Age of joining the Navy: 14 years

Current Age: 32

Reason for joining the RN: Shaun Jervis, was born near Ventnor on the Isle of Wight in 1690. Orphaned at an early age he was fostered and apprenticed as a tailor in a nearby town. As a young man he and children of the village sighted the fleet passing to the south of the Island and ran down to the sea to wave at it from shoreline. Jervis, however, took a row boat and literally ran away to sea to join the Navy in 1704.

Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Jervis is known for his solid determination and grim sense of humour. Although a man of good humor and friendly when engaged, he is sometimes considered quiet because he has a tendancey to speak only when something needs to be said...or a jest is appropriate. A Captain confident in his ablities, loyal to his Commanders and Sea-Lords, calm in the face of enemy fire and through in his own ruthless determination to transform the fleet into a highly efficient fighting service.

Captains Quote: "The die is cast...

Friends and Family

Rachel Jervis - Privateer

Sister to Shaun, the Rouge of the family who was disowened by her mother but is held in good favor by Shaun and William, her older brothers. She did not want the same drerry life as her mother but left to embrase a life at sea that is more in line with men. Along the way she has had to kill men who thought that as a woman she was week or meant to be nothing more than a harrot, they look from their graves knowing better. More to follow....

John Jerivs - Naval Offier

More to follow...

William Jervis - Free Trader

Shaun's businessman younger brother. He started with one small ship, the SPARROW, and forged a international shipyard business that pulls in orders from throught the world. More to follow...

Record of Achievement

  • January 11th 1722 - Has not been Court-Marshalled...yet
  • January 1st 1722 - Enlisted in the squadron

Background Story

Where to I lay on my deathbed the many years behind me my thoughts circle about the events of my lifetime. The sound of the sea, just few cables away, comes through the window of my manor house. My happiest time was in command of a frigate and later those ships the line which the admiralty allowed me to borrow. The memories are all that remain, my strength has left my limbs and even a brief chill brings on the cough.

The years are heavy on me now, after a lifetime of service to the crown I go to my final rest knowing that what I did helped England become the foremost power on the seas and helped her show time and again that the 'wooden walls' of her fleet would not fail the nation. But that is neither here or now, I personally profited from the many confrontations I had with the enemy, whom ever they were, gaining prizes, prize money and honors that allowed me to build this fine estate and endow my daughters with a dowry that has been the envy of many.

Unfortunately my only son died in his youth, even now my heart longs that I was not at sea on that fateful day for the accident would never had befell him if he were with me...but that is an old man's dream and not reality. My bother William has two sons, George and Swynfen and both of them have followed careers on land. One a brewer and the other a lawyer...and they have both been blessed with male children so there is no issue with the name Jervis being carried forward although my paternal line will die with me. I am not sad because my daughters will see that they keep the family spirit alive even as the name does not go on. I can hope that one of my grand children follow my path in His Majesties Navy but they are still under the age of ten so it will be some years before they are eligible…and I will not live to see it.

Too much talk of death, I want my last thoughts to be of the events that brought my spirit to soaring heights and helped to preserve our nation. Thinking back it all began so long ago…

(More to follow)