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The Squadron has two uniforms, a strict Naval Officer uniform to give a military appearance and a looser civilian uniform for Free Traders and Privateers.

Rules for all characters


All Characters are required to wear, at the very least, pants/skirt, shirt/blouse, and shoes. Naked or topless characters are not allowed (this includes skin coloured clothes)

Historically Realistic colours

When building your outfit please try to make the colours realistic. Neon and bright colours should be avoided (they are acceptable for jewellery). In every case the Inspector General has the final decision.

Piratical Items or Styles

Please do not wear ripped or torn clothes and no pirate items or hairstyles. If you aren't sure ask the Inspector General.


Natural colour or powdered white. Must be a neat and tidy style. Wigs are allowed.

Facial Hair

Beards, moustaches and sideburns are allowed. They must be kept neat and tidy, no pirate styles. Facial Hair and Hair must match colour.


Not allowed for Men. Women may wear jewelry.

Items giving in-game bonuses

Items that give in-game bonuses (more health, etc.) are allowed.


You may not wear the Military sash (Treasure Aisle, Paid for content). Unless you are a Knight or above in which case you may wear it in the regulation colours.


All captains may have a single dog (not pack) follow pet, except at Port Battles. Non-dog follow pets are allowed during relaxed uniform periods. Shoulder pets are prohibited.

Uniform Code During Peace Treaty Periods

All officers may follow the uniform code for Freetraders and Privateers during peace treaty periods. When hostilities are renewed, Captains must return to the normal uniform code.

Naval Officers (Naval Uniform)


Hats are optional for Naval Officers. If you do wear one it must be:

Gentlemen, Esquires and Knights

Bicorne, gilt edge, black both colours.

Viscount, Earls and Sea Lords

Bicorne, gilt edge, black and gold as shown.

Flag Officers

As above but worn for'n'aft (Commodore's Bicorne)


A Naval officer must wear one of the career reward jackets below in Navy Blue with Gold trimming. If you do not have access to these jackets due to low level then wear no jacket.

Allowed Jackets
  • Naval lieutenant
  • Naval lieutenant Commander
  • Naval Rear Admiral


Must be white


Optional. If worn must be Navy Blue or White, can have gold trimming.


Must be white


Must be black or brown.

Naval Officer Uniform Examples

Privateers and Free Traders (Civvies)

You may wear any item that follows the rules for all characters above.


A Free Trader and Privateer may wear any hat without gold trim, except the bicorne. The Bicorne is reserved for Naval officers only.

Flag Officers

As above but with gold trim.

Free Trader and Privateer Uniform Examples

Port Governors

Serving Port Governors of all classes use the Privateer and Free Trader regulations.

Orders of Knighthood

When you gain the Rank of Knight you must choose either English or Scottish association. You will then become a Knight Of The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath (English) or a Knight Of The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistlee (Scottish). You Order should be displayed on your Captains page and the Squadron Roster.

In addition you may optionally purchase the Military Sash from Treasure Aisle and wear it in the colours shown on the Orders of Knighthood page. This sash is optional as it is pay for content, however should you wish to buy it you may wear it on any or all of your characters.

When you gain the Rank of Viscount and above you will also become a Knight Of The Most Noble Order of the Garter and may wear the sash in the blue colour as shown on the Orders of Knighthood page. {{{LeftBoxContent}}}

Orders of Knighthood Uniform Examples