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Character Information



  • Rank: Earl
  • Captains full name: James Wilmore, 1st Earl of Northumberland, Viscount Winchendon, 1st Baron Percy, Baronet of Stanwick, KG, KB, AC, GC, PC.
  • Captain's Quote: Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. - Sun Tzu
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: A brave Commodore in sea battles, with a particular nose for strategy and tactics.
  • Captain James Wilmore's aims and goals: Leading and take part in naval operations in the best interest of His Majesty the King and the St. George Squadron.
  • James Wilmore's friends and family:
    • Robert Wilmore (Freetrader). James' younger brother. He believes his main contributions in the war efforts are of an economical nature and he is a brilliant businessman.
    • Ezekiel Wilmore (Privateer). James' youngest brother. He has always been a bit more wild than his brothers, and he will not shy away from anything to help win the war in the West Indies.

Special Awards Awards of PVP Valor Awards of PVE Merit Awards of Commendation out of game

Captain James Wilmore's background and information


Stanwick Hall.

James Wilmore was born in Stanwick Hall in 1692. His fahter, Admiral Oliver Wilmore, was the 5th in the line of Wilmores that lived at Stanwick, and he served in the His Majesty's Navy his entire life. James' mother, Cornelia, was the daughter of a wealthy merchant captain from York. His father being much of his time at sea, James became very close to his mother. But still, he respected and admired his father, and Oliver in his turn loved his wife and sons.

As the oldest of three brothers, James has been used to responsibility all his life. He showed early to be knowledgeable and resourceful. At six, he saved his two years younger brother, Robert, from drowning in a pond close to Stanwick Hall. At nine, he snook out at night and rode by himself to a local pub when many naval officers were gathered there to hear stories of the sea and glorious battles. And even though his father punish him for his disobedience, it didn't quench James' thirst for the sea.

When James was seven, his youngest brother, Ezekiel, was born. And even though Ezekiel was the rascal in the family, James was both his and Robert's hero.

James started his naval career at eleven. And as a midshipman he served with Captain Wade, a bold captain of many deeds. Later, he befriended Captain Wade's son, Abraham and they became friends for life.

James rose through the ranks in the following years. He was examined a Lieutenant at the age of nineteen, and he received his first command as Master and Commander of the HMS Lineton, a small packet boat stationed in the Mediterranian Ocean, two years later.

In 1720, he was first stationed in the Caribbean, as the Captain of HMS Sophie.

Heraldry and Estate

Alnwick Castle, around 1750.

James Wilmore inherited great expectations from his father, Admiral Oliver Wilmore. Being the oldest son of the Admiral, he also inherited Stanwick, a beautiful estate with enough land to support the family for generations to come.

After some years at service, Captain Wilmore won a naval victory of such noting deed that he was granted the title of Baronet, and so he became the first to hold the title in his family. The old Admiral, James' proud father, was overjoyed with this and left him Stanwick for his own, while he still lived. Shortly after, however, Admiral Wilmore died and James is now the householder of the Wilmores.

After continuing support for the crown and relentless efforts in the war in the Caribbean, Captain Wilmore was appointed Baron. He is now 1st Baron Percy.

In 1721, Captain Wilmore lead a fleet of British warships that dominated the waters north of Guyana over several months. This had such an impact on the British trade that Wilmore received the Viscountsy of Winchendon.

Lord Wilmore has been granted the title Earl of Northumberland for his great naval successes and for his continous dedication and loyalty to the Crown. He has taken up his seat in Alnwick Castle, while his younger brother Robert has taken over as master of Stanwick Hall.

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms of James Wilmore, Earl of Northumberland.

The Shield:

  • Has the Lord Wilmore's personal Arms as an inescutcheon in the upper right and lower left corners of the complete Shield.
  • Has another inescutcheon in the upper left and lower right corners of the complete Shield, representing Lord Wilmore's fiefdoms.

Lord Wilmore's Personal Shield:

  • Has Silver as the Metal, symbolising Wisdom
  • Has Blue as the Colour, symbolising Strength
  • Has a Cross, symbolising Protection
  • Has a Phoenix as a Charge, symbolising the Resurrection
  • Has a Cross Patteé as a Charge, symbolising Christianity and the Crusades
  • Has the historical Percy Arms and Smithson Arms, who at different periods owned the Baronetcy of Stanwick, which Lord Wilmore owns.

The Inescutcheon:

  • Consists itself of two inescutcheons:
  • A Blue Lion Rampant on Yellow, representing the Barony of Percy, as Lord Wilmore is the Baron Percy.
  • Three White Fish on Red, representing the Earldom of Northumberland, as Lord Wilmore is the Earl of Northumberland.

The Helm:

  • Is an Earl's Helm. Barred and facing to the right.
  • Has an Earl's Coronet above the Shield.

The Crest:

  • Is a Lion, symbolising Valour.


  • The Badge of The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath
  • The Badge of a Baronet of England
  • The Badge of The Most Noble Order of the Garter

The Motto:

  • ESPERANCE EN DIEU, "Hope in God"

Record of Achievement

  • April 1720: Enlisted in the Royal Sovereign
  • May 1720: Promoted officer in the Royal Sovereign
  • March 1721: Enlisted in St. George Squadron
  • March 1721: Promoted Master in St. George Squadron
  • June 1st 1721: Promoted Esquire in St. George Squadron
  • July 1st 1721: Awarded Admiral's Commendation
  • August 2nd 1721: Promoted Knight in St. George Squadron
  • August 26th 1721: Awarded Governor's Commendation
  • October 1st 1721: Promoted Knight Commander in St. George Squadron
  • November 4th 1721: Promoted Baronet in St. George Squadron
  • January 2nd 1722: Promoted Baron in St. George Squadron
  • January 1722: Promoted Viscount and Senior Officer in St.George Squadron
  • March 1st 1722: Awarded Parliamentary Commendation for the SGS Anthem
  • June 1st 1722: Promoted Earl in St.George Squadron
  • March 7th 1724: Appointed Inspector General in St.George Squadron

Ribbons Awarded

Award LSM.gif


HMS Impregnable, 88.

Present Commands (Naval Action)

HMS Impregnable, 88-guns second-rate, Le Bucentaure-class.

HMS Northumberland, 74-guns third-rate, Bellona-class.

HMS Strength, 64-guns third-rate, Wasa-class.

HMS Leicester, 54-guns third-rate, Constitution-class.

HMS Stratford, 54-guns fourth-rate, USS United States-class.

HMS Success, 50-guns fifth-rate frigate, Trincomalee-class.

HMS Spearhead, 42-guns fifth-rate frigate, Pandora-class.

HMHV Daffodil, 28-guns fifth-rate merchantman, Indiaman-class.

HMHV Dandelion, 28-guns fifth-rate merchantman, Indiaman-class.

HMHV Workhorse, 28-guns fifth-rate merchantman, Indiaman-class.

HMHV Lady Provost, 8-guns swift trader, Lynx Trader-class.

Previous Commands (Naval Action)

HMS Not named, 18-guns, Navy Brig-class.

HMS Not named, 22-guns brig, Trader Snow-class.

HMS Not named, 12-guns cutter, Basic Cutter-class.

HMS Britannia, 102.

Present Commands (Burning Sea)

HMS Britannia, 102-guns first-rate, Invincible-class.

HMS Northumberland, 72-guns third-rate, Wenden-class.

HMS Impregnable, 62-guns third-rate, Valiant-class.

HMS Leicester, 52-guns fourth-rate, Reason-class.

HMS Alnwick, 54-guns fourth-rate, Macedon-class.

HMS Sunderland, 54-guns fourth-rate, Alexander-class.

HMS Success, 44-guns fifth-rate naval frigate, Mercy-class.

HMS Spearhead, 44-guns fifth-rate frigate, Minerva Mastercraft-class.

HMS Acasta, 42-guns fifth-rate frigate, Tigre Mastercraft-class.

HMS Undaunted, 40-guns fifth-rate frigate, Sleek Hercules-class.

HMHV Lady Provost, hauling frigate, Stripped Defiant-class.

Previous Commands (Burning Sea)

HMS Deliverence, 34-guns fifth-rate frigate, Deliverence-class.

HMS Boadicea, 32-guns fifth-rate frigate, Defiant-class.

HMS Shannon, 32-guns fifth-rate frigate, Stralsund Mastercraft-class.

HMS Lively, 28-guns fifth-rate frigate, Stralsund-class.

HMS Pride, 20-guns sixth-rate frigate, Postillionen-class.

HMS Not named, 12-guns, van Hoorn Snow-class.

HMS Not named, 10-guns brig, Lexington-class.

HMS Sophie, 8-guns sloop, Bermuda-class.

Port Battle History (Burning Sea)

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result Ship Role
Port of Spain May 1st 1721 Assault SPAIN.JPG Defeat HMS Success Captain of his ship
Orleans June 1st 1721 Assault SPAIN.JPG Defeat HMS Success Captain of his ship
Cartagena June 15th 1721 Defence SPAIN.JPG Defeat HMS Leicester Captain of his ship
Bridgetown August 24th 1721 Assault FRANCE.JPG Defeat HMS Leicester Captain of his ship
Cartagena September 25th 1721 Assault SPAIN.JPG Defeat HMS Alnwick Captain of his ship
Bluefields November 9th 1721 Assault SPAIN.JPG Victory HMS Alnwick Commodore of the Green Squadron
Belize November 14th 1721 Assault SPAIN.JPG Victory HMS Northumberland Captain of his ship
West End December 8th 1721 Assault FRANCE.JPG Victory HMS Alnwick Commodore of the White Squadron
Gibara December 11th 1721 Assault SPAIN.JPG Victory HMS Alnwick Captain of his ship
Jaqueme February 5th 1722 Defence FRANCE.JPG Defeat HMS Northumberland Captain of his ship
Maracibo February 6th 1722 Assault SPAIN.JPG Victory HMS Alnwick Captain of his ship
Cartagena February 20th 1722 Assault SPAIN.JPG Defeat HMS Alnwick Fleet Admiral
Cayo de Marquis April 8th 1722 Assault FRANCE.JPG Victory HMS Northumberland Captain of his ship
Cabo Raphael June 2nd 1722 Assault PIRATE.JPG Defeat HMS Alnwick Captain of his ship
Bluefields March 1st 1724 Assault FRANCE.JPG Victory HMS Leicester Captain of his ship
Bartica March 19th 1724 Defence FRANCE.JPG Victory HMS Leicester Captain of his ship

Notable action (Burning Sea)

Notable action in which Lord Wilmore has taken part.

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