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Character Information



  • Rank: Viscount
  • Captains full name: Captain the Lady Victoria Mary Page, 1st Baroness of Hollingbourne in the County of Kent, 1st Baronetess of Scampton in the County of Lincolnshire, KB, RN, GVC, AC
  • Captain's Quote: "A wise man will be master of his mind, A fool will be it's slave." - Publilius Syrus
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Sharp-witted, Courageous, a natural leader, despises the French Navy, acts with reason not emotion.
  • Captain Victoria Page's aims and goals: To serve God and country, to the best ability possible.
  • Victoria Page's friends and family: Mortimer Page
  • [ Captain's Log]

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Captain Victoria Page's background and information

(The information contained here forth is of a fictional nature. Some places and names may be real, but are used in the sense of historical fiction. The story is purely designed for entertainment and role-play value, and has little to no historical accuracy)

Early Life:

Victoria Mary Page was born on the 16th of May, 1694 near Sunderland in the county of Tyne and Wyre to Captain John Salvador Page. She became the second child of John’s, the first being Alexander Page, whom died at the age of fourteen of scarlet fever. Soon after John’s son had died, his wife Mary Page fell ill. As John was at sea, Victoria moved with her mother to the county of Durham, where her aunt Margaret lived, in 1705. Aunt Margaret took care of Mary and Victoria, until in January 1707, John returned. Shortly thereafter Mary died from her sickness in February. John then took Victoria back to Sunderland because of tension with Margaret. It was in Sunderland that John received another commission: the HMS Royale. Since he disliked Margaret and there was no other close family, John decided to take Victoria with him.

Navy Career:

At the age of thirteen, Victoria joined on board her father's ship as a midshipman. John taught her the use of arms as well as the traditional schooling of midshipman. She saw extensive service while on board the Royale. Having seen several successful actions Victoria was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in 1713.
The Royale was later stationed to the Caribbean, and during a skirmish with the French, the ship was boarded and it was an unlucky stray shot that John was killed. Victoria was unaware of his death during the battle and together with the rest of the Royales proceeded to repulse the enemy. They were not only able to repel them, but also capture the opposing French ship: the Loire, a 44-gun frigate. For her actions during the battle, the Admiralty board promoted her to the rank of Master and Commander in 1720. Victoria was then reassigned, as were the remaining Royales, into HMS Charlotte.
It was not until February 1723 that Victoria was assigned to the St. George Squadron of the White. Since then she has continued to give her service to Britain under the St. George Squadron ensign.


Signature Victoria Page 01.png

Coat of Arms

Page Coat of Arms

The Blazon: Gyronny of eight Sable and Argent with a Cross counterchanged and in the second quarter on a Gulpe fimbriated with Line and Reef Knot Argent a Fleur-de-lis Argent charged per fess with two Mullets Purpure. Crest: An Eagle rousant with wings elevated and displayed Sable crowned Or.

The Shield: Coat of Arms of Lord John Page, Viscount Leeds.

  • Has White as the Metal, symbolising Peace and Purity.
  • Has Black as the Colour, symbolising Constancy and Vigilance.
  • Has a Cross, counterchanged (inverting the Metal and Colour where they change), symbolising Protection; and a Gyronny in Eight as Ordinaries.
  • Has a Gulpe (a purple roundel) on the dexter side, nearest to where the heart of the warrior would be, symbolising Honour and willingness to undergo suffering for a noble cause. It is charged with a White Fleur-de-lis, symbolising Victory and Purity which is itself charged with two Mullets (five point stars) that signify both Truth and Knowledge, and Faith and Reason. It is also fimbriated (having a narrow border) with a Line tied in a reef knot as a Charge, symbolising Unity.

The Helm:

  • Is a Viscount's Helm, barred and facing to the right.
  • Has a Viscount's Coronet above the Shield.

The Crest:

  • Is a Black Eagle, crowned with a Naval Crown symbolising Leadership and the virtue of Nobility (not birth). The wings are elevated and displayed as to be taking flight, symbolising Vigiliance and Preparedness.


  • The Badge of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath.
  • The Badge of a Baronet of England.
  • The Badge of The Most Noble Order of the Garter.

The Motto:

  • Prudentia Iustitia Fortitudo Temperentia, "Prudence. Justice. Fortitude. Temperance."

Record of Achievement

  • February 16th, 1723 - Enlisted in the squadron
  • March 16th, 1723 - Promotion to Esquire
  • March 31st, 1724 - Appointed Commissioner
  • November 5th, 1724 - Promotion to Dame Companion of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath
Officers of the Board,
The recent months I have watched Captain Victoria Mary Page Esquire's work in the Commissioner's office with great interest. I would like to remind you all that when Captain Page took over my former office I had been out of it for several months already, meaning that she had to start more or less from scratch and simultaneously cater to the growing demand for avatars, signatures and flags in the Squadron at the time. I say this alone shows a certain kind of audacity which is the basis of our Squadron's prosperity.
Her work on both the new flag animation and the Flag Officer insignia is proof of her dedication to her chosen office, and the quality with which she delivers is undeniable. To be quite honest I am amazed of what she has accomplished so far. I therefore implore the Board of Flag to forward through the proper channels my recommendation for Captain Page to be dubbed into one of our nation's honourable knighthoods.
I remain, &c.
The Viscount Trentham

To the most honourable Flag Officers of the Saint George Squadron of the White.
It gives me great pleasure to nominate Commissioner Victoria Page, Esq. to promotion to the next rank.
Since my acceptance into the most esteemed squadron of the white 6 months ago, Captain Page has held the Commissioner's Office with great success and efficiency.
Apart from the daily function of being a flag officer, she has been very successful in providing the squadron members again and again with avatars, signatures, medals and the like. Furthermore she reacts very fast and helpfully to any requests made in the Office of Commissions.
As a captain, she acts with courtesy and helpfulness, and in general is the model gentleman officer in the best traditions of the Royal Navy.
I strongly recommend the time has come to reward her hard work and outstanding character by awarding her a knighthood, and promote her to the next rank in the SGS.
-Llewelyn Sinclair.
  • December 5th, 1724 - Awarded the Admiral's Commendation
Honered Captains of the SGS
I wish to once again bring forward The recently knighted Victoria Page's work as Commisioner to your attention. Frankly speaking her work in Office of commisions speaks for itself, and her general consistency and quality with which she helps anyone in need, is why she should be awarded the Freedom of the City.
Great work should be awarded
-Llewelyn Sinclair.
  • April 11th, 1725 - Awarded the Governor's Commendation
Dame Victoria has been working tirelessly for such a long time to meet the needs of the squadron. I've tried doing some of my own avatars/signatures, and have found the time investment to be significant, even just for me. With so many new people, and promotions, awards, etc. the office of the commissioner is always busy, and Dame Victoria never leaves a person waiting for long for satisfaction for their request.
I believe that Dame Victoria is worthy of accolades for the diligence which she has displayed in carrying out the responsibilities of her office. Her thoroughness is commendable, and the quality of her work impeccable.
Yours Aye,
-Catherine Beeredest.
  • June 5th, 1725 - Promotion to Baronetess
My Lords and Ladies
I am writing to you today to recommend Dame Victoria Page to be promoted at your earliest convenience to the much esteemed rank of Baronet. Captain Page is tireless in her efforts to help members of the squadron with their request for signatures, Avatars, and Coat of Arms. The first two are essential to the induction of new recruits and bringing new Captains into the Squadron. Her rapid response to new request cannot but help to impress Captains with the efficiency and support they can look forward to as new members of the Squadron. Her efforts are essential in my opinion to not only recruiting new members but also in retaining current members. I don’t think the impact this can have on the continued growth and health of the Squadron as a whole should be under estimated.
Perhaps of greatest importance is that she devotes a considerable amount of her personal liberty and time to designing and creating COA’s for members of the SGS. I cannot but wonder at her creativity and skill in this crucial area. To say nothing of the time she puts into each and every request. I dare say it is highly unlikely that one could find a single active Captain on the Squadrons roster that she has not devoted considerable time and energy to helping in some capacity.
She actively supports King and Country in her many and varied economic activities in addition to her normal duties as ship’s Captain. She devotes a great deal of her personal time to keeping the Office of Commissions post up to date and always responds to any and all request in a timely manner. Her previous Honors include Knight of the Bath, Admiral's Commendation (AC), Governor’s Commendation (GC), and a distinguished and long serving Flag Officer.
In closing, I cannot imagine any one that deserves to be recognized more. Her selfish devotion to duty to her fellow Captains is in keeping with the highest traditions of the Royal navy and the Saint George Squadron of the White.
Respectfully Submitted,
Captain Mark Dampier, RN, Esq.
  • October 6th, 1726 - Promotion to Baroness
I hereby and proudly recommend Dame Victoria to be promoted to the next rank. In everything I have seen here, she has done to the utmost of her ability. She has always had a cheerful and helpful demeanor while performing her tasks be it on the sea or in the office. In her impressive tenure on the Board of Flag she has single handedly seen to it that the Squadron has been decorated in the most vibrant of colors, and efforts in this matter do herself and the Squadron great credit.
Captain Dame Ashleigh Bagster KB, RN, MC
Chief of Naval Operations, SGS


Current Commands:

  • HMS Alexander, La Belle-class Sloop-of-War, 6 guns - In drydock.
  • HMS Nutmeg, Sparrow-class Sloop-of-War, 10 guns - In drydock.
  • HMS Wind Wake, Hermes-sleek packet boat-class Sloop-of-War, 16 guns - In drydock.
  • HMS Endurance, Raa-class 5th Rate Frigate, 32 guns.
  • HMS Cicilia, Capricieux Mastercraft-class 5th Rate Frigate, 44 guns. - In drydock.
  • HMS Missouri, Hercules-class 5th Rate Heavy Frigate, 48 guns - In drydock.
  • HMS Golden Eagle, Macedon Hunter's-class 4th Rate Ship of the Line, 58 guns.
  • HMS Endeavour, Centurion-class 3rd Rate Ship of the Line, 64 guns.
  • HMS Queen Charlotte, Victory-class 1st Rate Ship of the Line, 102 guns.

Previous Commands:

  • HMS Virginia, Lexington-class Brig, 18 guns - Re-assigned.
  • HMS Royale, Stralsund Mastercraft-class 5th Rate Frigate, 36 guns - Re-assigned.
  • HMS Charlotte, Gallant-class 5th Rate Frigate, 44 guns - Sunk by the French during a skirmish.
  • HMS Tiger, Alexander-class 4th Rate Ship of the Line, 58 guns - Sunk in the defense of Port Royal from pirates.
  • HMS Valour, Poseidon-class 4th Rate Ship of the Line, 60 guns. - Sunk in the defense of St. John's from pirates.

Port Battle History

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result Ship Role
Charlestown June 4th, 1725 Defence FRANCE.JPG Victory HMS Golden Eagle Captain of her ship
Bluefields July 22nd, 1725 Defence FRANCE.JPG Defeat HMS Golden Eagle Captain of her ship
Belize February 5th, 1726 Defence SPAIN.JPG Victory HMS Endeavour Captain of her ship
Nassau October 15th, 1726 Defence SPAIN.JPG Victory HMS Golden Eagle Captain of her ship