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Character Information



  • Rank: Baron
  • Captains full name: Lord Werner Hoffmann, Baron Winterbourne
  • Captain's Quote:
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Risk to personal life or limb is of little concern to Werner Hoffmann. Completion of the mission at hand is tantamount to victory.
  • Captain Werner Hoffmann's aims and goals: Werner has but one goal, and that is defeating the enemy at all cost.
  • Werner Hoffmann's friends and family: None
  • Captain's Log

Special Awards Awards of PVP Valor Awards of PVE Merit Awards of Commendation out of game

Captain Werner Hoffmann's background and information

Joined Squadron May, 2006

Ribbons Awarded

Naval General Service MedalSt. Christopher MedalLong Service Medal


Winterbourne Abbas in the County of Dorsetshire.

PotBS Record of Achievement

  • May, 1717 - Enlisted in St. George Auxilliary Squadron
  • May, 1718 - Awarded LSM for 1 year service
  • Sep, 1718 - Promoted to Esquire, assigned to SGS
  • Sep, 1718 - Formed Board of Ordnance and assumed title "Quartermaster General"
  • Jan, 1719 - Knighted
  • Feb, 1719 - Awarded GSM
  • May, 1719 - Awarded pip to LSM for second year of service
  • Jul, 1719 - Resigned from Board of Ordnance
  • Jan, 1720 - Awarded special medal for participation in opening week
  • Mar, 1720 - Granted peerage and promoted to Baron
  • Mar, 1720 - Awarded Military Cross for leadership performance in Bluefields, Puerto Cabezas, and Irish Point battles
  • May, 1720 - Resigned from the SGS
  • Feb, 1721 - Re-Enlisted in the squadron

PoTBS Background Story

  • Werner was born in the Brandenburg province, hence the addition of the Brandenburg eagle to his personal ensign. His family fled to England when he was just five years of age, so his memories of home are slim. His love for the sea however began on his trip to England. Captain Hoffmann has had a rather long career in the Royal Navy beginning at age 8, but his career has never stood out until he joined the famed St. George Squadron posted in the Caribbean...

April 22nd, 1691

  • Werner Hoffmann is born to a reputable family in the Prussian state of Brandenburg. His father is a teacher known throughout his town. Elsewhere in the world at this time, the Salem Witch Trials have been going on for almost 2 months in Massachusetts.

June 7, 1692

  • Werner is just over a month old when Port Royale is destroyed by 3 consecutive large tidal waves.

June 17th, 1702

  • The Hoffmann family is swept up in the 9 Years War with the arrival of the Grand Alliance to their town. Kaiserswerth on the Rhine surrendered to Queen Anne's Captain-General John Churchill. Churchill would later in the year become the Duke of Marlborough.

September 2nd, 1702

  • The Hoffmann's flee to England after their town fell. They are given asylum because of the war, and set up residence in Dorsetshire.

April 22nd, 1708

  • After working the families land for 6 years and on his 16th birthday, Werner gains permission from his family to join the RN. He is quickly stationed aboard the Tyger, a Fourth-rate of 38 Guns as a gun crew member.

January 9th, 1710

  • Serving almost 2 years aboard the Tyger, then Midshipmen Hoffmann is posted aboard the Falmouth which is another Fourth-Rate as a Gun Captain. Werner quickly earns a reputation as a tough but fair officer to deal with, and his men respect him for it.

October 30th, 1714

  • Werner is offered by his Captain, Sir Archibald Henderson, to take the Leftnants exam. Werner passes, and is commisioned as a Leftenant, and is sent aboard the Sloop Ferret stationed out of Port Royal.

| || April 11th, 1718

  • In a fierce fight with Spanish shipping about 100nm south of Port Royale, the Ferret manages to capture a small sloop. Hoffmann is assigned captain of the newly renamed Dorsetshire, and is transferred shortly after to the St. George Squadron of the White.

February, 1719

  • Werner Hoffmann is knighted, but continues aboard station of his beloved Dorsetshire. Considering where he was stationed, Sir Hoffmann saw little action in his patrols for some time.

January 8th, 1720

  • Sir Hoffmann refits the Dorsetshire to a gun compliment of 8x 5lb guns and 4x 1/2lb swivels. Sir Hoffmann is appointed Deputy Inspector General of the Squadron while in port, and is tasked with overseeing discipline throughout the squadron.

February 1721

  • After a long vacation due to an injury, received in blattle, Werner Hoffman returns to active duty within the Squadron