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Each wiki page is a member of one or more categories. The wiki is built in a web structure so there is no set hierarchy of categories and a page may be a member of multiple categories. However each page will be a member of at least 1 primary and 2 secondary category. In addition official pages will belong to an Editable Status category that shows how that page may be edited. As well as the categories listed a page my be a member of any number of Tertiary categories.

Editable Status

Some wiki pages contain squadron regulations. These regulations form the rules of the squadron and should only be changed when authorised. The page itself can be edited, to make the regulation clearer or to give examples. If you're not sure then it's best to leave the Regulation pages alone, or ask a senior officer. There are 3 types of regulations, shown below.

Constitutional Regulation Contains Regulations which should not be changed.
General Regulation Contains Regulations that should only be changed after a successful General Vote
Standard Regulation Contains Regulations that should only be changed after a successful Standard Vote

Editable Status is set with templates rather than Categories. This is done by adding the following code at the top of the page.


Primary Category

SGS Information Particular to the Pirates of the Burning Sea and the Saint George Squadron, including this website.
Encyclopaedia Historical and Factual information.

Secondary Category

Help Help and FAQs, in game and out of game. Includes the Wiki Guides.
Captains Information on the Members of SGS
Economy Information on the SGS Economy.
Rules and Regulations Squadron rules and regulations
After Action Reports Battle Reports
His Majesty's Ships Ships of the squadron
Naval Chronicle Squadron Newsletter

Tertiary Category

There is no set list of tertiary categories, these may be created as required.

Cut and Paste Code

Primary Category


Secondary Category

 [[category:Squadron Regulations]]
 [[category:After Action Reports]]
 [[category:His Majesty's Ships]]
 [[category:Naval Chronicle]]