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The following is a list of work to be carried out on the SGS wiki. Only SGS members can edit the wiki. To register, please use the link in the top right corner. An Admin will then add you to the edit group.

Wiki Editing Golden Rules

  1. Always write a summary comment when editing pages, it allows us to track what's been done.
  2. Check for existing pages, categories and files before creating new ones.
  3. The watch function can alert you to changes in pages you write / manage. Use it!
  4. Keep things clear and easy to read.
  5. Spell check everything!
  6. Don't be afraid to add new articles and update existing ones. You have edit rights, and are free to use them.

How to mark edits

Major and Minor edits

There are two types of edit, Minor and Major. Only major edits are included in the Recent Updates page so it's important to use the correct type of edit.

  • For spelling corrections, tweaking new pages or changing the layout of a page make sure you select minor edit.
  • For new pages or new content on a page or updating existing content untick the minor edit box.

This ensures that new information can easily be found by visitors to the site.


At the bottom of the edit page is a summary box. Information entered here appears in the Recent Updates page and allows visitors to see the new information. Please enter a brief description of the work you have carried out.

Using Categories

Categories make it easy to find pages. To add a page to a category you must add the following code at the bottom of the page.


This adds the page to an existing category or adds a new one. For a list of existing categories check Special:Categories. For hints on which category to use look at exsisting pages as a template. A page can be in multiple categories.

Wiki Tutorial Help

Useful Pages

  • Special:Categories: Lists all the current Categories. Useful when creating new pages and assigning them to categories. Remember, a page can be a member of several categories.
  • Special:Newimages: Shows all the new uploaded images in thumbnail view. Useful for seeing what images are already available before uploading new ones.
  • Special:Newpages: Shows new pages. It can be useful to see what has been added since you last visited.
  • Special:Watchlist: Shows all the pages you've marked to watch, if they have been changed. Used to track pages you look after, like your captain's page or departmental pages.
  • Special:Ancientpages: Shows the oldest pages. Can be used to check old pages and see if an update is required.
  • Mediwiki: The SGS site uses the Mediwiki engine, as used by Wikipedia

Editing the Side Toolbar

The toolbar is edited using the same method as any other page. The menu bar page is called MediaWiki:Sidebar

To Do list

Please add to this list.

  1. Add Google News Bar to main page (and Council wiki) Joseph Fletcher 18:45, 23 July 2009 (UTC)
  2. Revamp Ship Fitting System and include ratings extension Joseph Fletcher 18:45, 23 July 2009 (UTC)