William Pole

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'Captains full name:'William Pole

'Age of joining the Navy:'12

'Current Age:'34

Reason for joining the RN:Being whole heatedly against following in my Fathers footsteps (Architecture), and being totally enamored with the tales of my dashing Uncle Charles, a Captain in his Majesty's Navy, I begged my Father to let me go to sea until finally, shortly after my 12th Birthday, it finally dawning on my father that I would come to no good by land, was placed under the care on my Uncle Charles, and as a 1st Class volunteer, went to sea aboard His Majesty's Ship Hussar, and headed off to the Americas, to Glory and to riches, or so I thought.

Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: William is a rather rash individual, relying on his wits and split second decision making rather than a long draw out thought process.

Captains Quote: "I am now, and hope I forever shall be loathed by the Navies of France and Spain"

Your captains aims and goals: To utterly destroy, to decimate and to demoralise the enemies of The King.

Friends and Family

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Record of Achievement

October 20th. 1721 - Enlisted in the squadron

December 9th. 1721 - Promoted to Esquire

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