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Character Information



  • Rank: Knight
  • Captains full name: William Royce
  • Captain's Quote: The aim is not to die for your country, it is to make the other poor dumb bastard die for his
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Courageous, Aspiring, Punctual, Focused
  • Captain William Royce's aims and goals: To see Britain as the dominant force of the Carribean
  • William Royce's friends and family: Frederick H Royce, Kristen Royce, Kati Royce, Jenna Royce, Edward J Royce, Caroline Royce
  • Captain's Log

Special Awards Awards of PVP Valor Awards of PVE Merit Awards of Commendation out of game

Captain William Royce's background and information

Early Life

Born as the second son to the wealthy Royce family of London, he found himself privileged in name, but without hope of inheritance. William committed early on to a life of military service, and hoped for glory in warfare. He took mentors to learn the skills of an officer of the Kings Navy, and so upon his inception as a junior officer in His Majesty's Royal Navy, he grew very quickly. Williams skills in leadership were already mastered, and he was promoted with great haste.

The Caribbean

William was sent to the Caribbean in late 1722 beginning his first stint as Captain in charge. He was given a small sloop of war and started his journey to greatness. William continued to excel in all the qualities of a Naval Captain, and was recognized for great feats in protecting His Majesty's holdings around the Caribbean. William found himself flying through the ranks. Much sooner than expected, William was placed in charge of a Macedon class fourth rate ship of the line and was tasked with hunting down some of the most notorious Pirates, and protecting English waters from the scourges of the French and Spanish.

William proved himself yet again, and was put in charge of the largest ships available in the Caribbean at the time. A Wenden class 3rd rate ship of the line was the Pride of Williams accomplishments. Sailing the HMS Meteor He defeated the enemy in countless port battles in offense and defense, the records of which have since been lost. agents of the Crown found a storm damaged Trinity class second rate Ship of the Line being refit in the dry docks of St Johns. The ship would be named HMS Eclipse. William began his love affair with the largest boats available in the Caribbean.

The Crown had been inundated with mail begging for the return of First Rate Ships of the Line, and finally found the threat of Spanish and French large enough to warrant construction of the grandest, and most expensive ships in the known world. William became one of the first Captains to receive one of these behemoths of the sea. His was to be named HMS Dawn.

Arms and Ensigns

Royce Arms.png

Active Ships

HMS Dawn, 102-guns first-rate, Victory-class.

HMS Eclipse, 92-guns second-rate, Trinity-class.

HMS Meteor, 72-guns third-rate, Wenden-class.

HMS Aurora, 64-guns third-rate, Lion-class.

HMS Solus, 56-guns fourth-rate, San Fernando-class.

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result Ship Role
Bridgetown May 23rd, 1725 Offense FRANCE.JPG Defeat HMS Dawn (Heavily damaged) Captain, Line, White
Golden Lake june 18th, 1725 Offense PIRATE.JPG Victory HMS Meteor Captain, Line, Black
Basseterre june 18th, 1725 Defense SPAIN.JPG Victory HMS Meteor Commodore, Line, White
Turpitude june 19th, 1725 Offense PIRATE.JPG Victory HMS Eclipse Captain, Line, White
St Rose's Bay june 19th, 1725 Offense PIRATE.JPG Victory HMS Eclipse Captain, Line, White
Puerto Del Principe july 8th, 1725 Offense FRANCE.JPG Victory HMS Aurora Commodore, Line, White