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*H.M.S. [[HMS St Cuthburt 108|HMS St Cuthburt]], Victory, 108
*H.M.S. [[HMS St Cuthburt 108|HMS St Cuthburt]], Victory, 108
*H.M.S. [[HMS Rolling Thunder 88|Rolling Thunder]], Bucentaure, 88
*H.M.S. [[HMS Rolling Thunder 88|Rolling Thunder]], Bucentaure, 88
*H.M.S. [[HMS Tanlladwyr 74|Tanlladwyr]], Bellona, 74
*H.M.S. [[HMS Tanlladwyr 74|Tanlladwyr]], Redoubtable, 82 (74)
*H.M.S. [[HMS Paladin 62|Paladin]],  Ingermanland, 62
*H.M.S. [[HMS Paladin 62|Paladin]],  Rattvisan, 60 (62/64)
*H.M.S. [[HMS Longsword 44|Longsword]], Indefatigable, 44
*H.M.S. [[HMS Longsword 44|Longsword]], Indefatigable, 44
*H.M.S. [[HMS Broadsword 48|Broadsword]], Endymion, 48
*H.M.S. [[HMS Broadsword 48|Broadsword]], Endymion, 48
*H.M.S. [[HMS Acheron 40|Acheron]], Essex, 40
*H.M.S. [[HMS Acheron 40|Acheron]], Essex, 40
*H.M.S. [[HMS Andromeda 38|Andromeda]], Surprise, 38  
*H.M.S. [[HMS Andromeda 38|Andromeda]], Surprise, 38  
*H.M.S. [[HMS Malagasy Kestrel 18|Malagasy Kestrel]], Rattlesnake, 18
*H.M.S. [[HMS Malagasy Kestrel 18|Malagasy Kestrel]], Rattlesnake Heavy, 26

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Character Information



  • Rank: Baron
  • Captains full name: Captain the Lady Ashleigh (Ash) Jaedyn Bagster, 1st Baroness Dearthington, of Darnton in the County Palatine of Durham, 1st Baronetess of Ravenswoth Castle in the County Palatine of Durham, KB, RN, MC
  • Captain's Quote: "Let our actions speak for us," "Are we still breathing?"
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Natural Strategist, Loyal, Just, Stubborn.
  • Captain Ashleigh Bagster's aims and goals: To serve God and Country while using her given talents to aid Great Britain and St. George Squadron of the White.
  • Ashleigh Bagster's friends and family: Endre Bagster, Natalie Bagster, Ashley Bagster.
  • Captain's Log

Special Awards Awards of PVP Valor Awards of PVE Merit Awards of Commendation out of game

Captain Ashleigh Bagster's background and information

Coat of Arms

Bagster Arms 2.png

The Shield:

  • Has Silver as the Metal representing Peace and sincerity .
  • Has Maroon as the Color representing Patient in battle, and yet victorious.
  • Has a Chief for authority.
  • In the chief is a Black Rook for consistent strategic thinking.
  • Has a Leopard representing Valiant and hardy warrior who enterprises hazardous things by force and courage.

The Helm:

  • Is an Baron's Helm facing the right.

The Crest:

  • Is a Phoenix for rising from ashes.

The Motto:

  • Agendis Nostris Spectemur "Let us be viewed by our actions"

Certificates and Letters Patent

Business Ventures

Ashleigh Bagster Business Template

Shipyard based out of the Windward Islands. Bagster Yard's is currently operated by Endre Bagster, Cousin to Ashleigh. Currently based out of Kingstown in the Windward Islands. The yard focuses on ship production to augment the Royal Navy of His Majesty, especially to those serving in the St. George Squadron of the White, but has the ability to produce exceptional modules as well, provided the materials aren't hard to come by.

Endre has a passion for attempting to prefect art of a ship in its use. This leads to a lot of experimentation and He relies a lot on his cousin to take out and test his designs at sea. This has lead to some not so great designs as well as some novel ones. The current Pride and Joy of the shipyard is the HMS St Cuthburt] captained by the Lady Dearthington Dame Ashleigh Bagster.

Structure Information

  • 1x Oak lumberyard - lvl 3 Kingstown
  • 1x Mahogany lumberyard - lvl 3 Ruatan
  • 1x Silver mine - lvl 3 Calobelo
  • 1x Copper Mine - lvl 3 Vieux-Fort
  • 1x Coal Mine - lvl 3 Vieux-Fort
  • Shipyard - Kingstown


Production que

Awaiting Delivery

Completed Orders

  • HMS St Cuthburt, Victory Class 1st Rate, Live Oak Built; Lady Dearthington
  • HMS Tanlladwyr, Bellona Class 3rd Rate, Live Oak Built; Lady Dearthington
  • HMS Paladin, Ingermanland Class 4th rate, Live Oak Built; Lady Dearthington
  • HMS Acheron, Essex Class 5th rate, Live Oak Built; Lady Dearthington
  • HMS Malagasy Kestrel, Rattlesnake Class 6th rate, Teak Built; Lady Dearthington

Production Information

  • Santisma
  • Victory

  • St. Pavel

  • Bellona
  • 3rd Rate

  • Ingermanland
  • Constitution

  • Trincomalee
  • Essex
  • Belle Poule
  • Frigate
  • Renomee
  • Surprise
  • Cerberus

  • Niagara
  • Mercury
  • Rattlesnake
  • Snow
  • Mortar Brig
  • Navy Brig
  • Brig

  • Pickle
  • Cutter
  • Lynx

  • Indiaman
  • Le Gros Ventre
  • Traders Snow
  • Traders Brig
  • Traders Lynx

Early Life


Ashleigh (Ash) Jaedyn Bagster was born to a merchant by the name of Richard Bagster and his wive Elizabeth on the eve of September 4th 1699 in South Africa. She was one of a total of 5 children of which she was the only daughter. While her brothers took to all things related to trade, Ashleigh took to the operation of a ship like a fish to water. Contrary to the norm of women on ships the crew took her as a boon on board and enjoyed showing her their various duties. She had such a mind for navigation that by the time she was ten the sailing masters would let her chart their courses and by thirteen she was doing it without their supervision, only giving up the duty when the situation warranted more experience. Starting 1713 her father had series of unfortunate encounters with pirates to which two of her brothers and mother were lost in either exchange of fire or boarding action. It is these attacks that changed the course of Ash's life.

Naval Action

More to come

Military Career

Naval Action

  • 1817 January: Elected to serve on the 1st Quarter Board of Flags. CNP, SS
  • 1816 October: Elected to serve on the 4th Quarter Board of Flags. CNP, SS
  • 1816 October: Elevated to Baroness of Darnton
  • 1816 September: Awarded Admiral's Commendation
  • 1816 August: Joined combined US and British task force north of La Habana and participated in the sinking of two (2) 2nd Rates of the Spanish feet and their support vessels.
  • 1816 July: Appointed Chief of Society Personal, Chief of Naval Personal (NA), and Squadron Secretary (NA)
  • 1816 May: Appointed Chief of Society Personal, Chief of Naval Personal (NA), and Squadron Secretary (NA)
  • 1816 January 19: Helped rebuild and deploy St. George Squadron of the White to reassert British dominance in the Caribbean after hearing tails of her great grand mother with the aid of a long time family friend Jack Redmen and other decedents of the original Squadron.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

  • 1725 November 13: Elected to position of Chief of Naval Operations
  • 1725 October 26: Assisted in blockade of Santiago.
  • 1725 October 24: Engaged large fleet of Pirates off St. Johns with flotilla of British ships, was focus of enemy fire and forced to withdraw from battle or risk loss of ship.
  • 1724 December 15: Promoted to Esquire in the squadron.
  • 1724 December 15: Promoted to Esquire in the squadron.
  • 1724 November 29: HMS Acheron transferred to Saint George's Squadron.
  • 1724 June 23: Promoted to Captain and officially given command of the HMS Acheron.
  • 1724 January 17: Sunk sloop Parret and brig Moneky both pirates ships off Jenny Bay, also used in attack on Christmas.
  • 1724 January 1: Sunk pirate ship Reaper, former French 4th rate used in the attack on the Acheron on Christmas.
  • 1723 December 25: Assumed command of the HMS Acheron after loss of Captain Roswelll and Commander Strum in surprise pirate raid. During the ensuing fight the Acheron sank one pirate and disabled another before being forced to withdraw.
  • 1721 April 4: Promoted to Lt. Cmdr for gallant action in the face of the enemy during the battle of Bridgetown against the french fleet. While on shore leave when the battle commenced Lt Cmdr Bagster and fellow officers and sailors took a sloop flying the french merchant flag to 'resupply' the enemy line. They took the opportunity to seize a french brig of war and bring the enemies own ship to bear against them. This action caused a chaos to ensue in the French line allowing the British ships Acheron and Tanlladwyr to brake the line sending them back to the sea.
  • 1720 November 2: Commanded fire ship in support of the Acheron in skirmish outside Turtling Bay.
  • 1720 October 14: Took part in boarding action against Spanish merchantman of Belize. Took command of action after loss of Lt Cmdr Robinson. Took ship despite heavy resistance.
  • 1719 April 23: Passed board for Lieutenant, remained on board the Acheron.
  • 1715 September 25: accepted as midshipman on board the HMS Acheron under the command of Henry Roswell, a family friend.

Ships under Command

Captain Ashleigh Bagster

Naval Action

Active Command

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Active Commands

Ready Flotilla

Under Construction

Drawing board

  • Indomitable Class 1st Rate "Gram of Sigurd"


Master and Commander Endre Bagster

Master and Commander Natelie Bagster

Master and Commander Ashley Bagster

Master and Commander Rebecca Altby

Lands Awarded by the Crown

  • Barony, Darnton, in the County Palatine of Durham
  • Baronetage, Ravenswoth Castle in the County Tyne and Wear