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Board of Flag Officers

The Squadron is managed by a board of Flag officers, who are chosen from the full membership on the basis of seniority.

Historically the Senior officers ran the squadron. However becoming a Senior Officer was a one way move, which caused problems when the officer was no longer able to perform his duties. He would be left with the difficult option of involvement at a level he could no longer maintain or quitting the squadron entirely.

To solve this problem we introduced the Flag Officer system which allows a Flag Officer to resign his duties with full honours and make way for a new officer. In this way squadron members may throttle their involvement with SGS to match their lifestyle without having to quite entirely.

The Board is made up of 7 roles, and can have multiple officers in each role. They are:

Chief of Naval Operations

Manages the RvR efforts of the squadron, including suggested ship builds, focus role of the society and representation of the society to the nation. The CNO must be an export on RvR mechanics and be willing to pro-actively lead the society's RvR effort.

Chief of Naval Personnel

Runs the Human Resources side of the squadron. This includes maintaining the roster, managing the medals and promotions system and helping officers to complete their paperwork. The CNP also ensures that officers have matching forum, character and vent names. The CNP must be active on the forums and wiki as well as in game.


The Commissioner creates graphics for the squadron. This include members flags and cotes of arms.

Flag Officer application form

Before applying for the board, check the current applications. For the squadron to run smoothly it's important that each role is adequately filled. Please read the current application for the role you are interested in, the board is chosen base on seniority and it is hoped that a high ranking officer would pass in favor of a lower ranking officer with a good application. If there is a gap which you can help fill or a busy task that requires more help then please complete the form below.

Governor in chief, Caribbean

Manages port governance.

Inspector General

Maintains the uniform visual standards.

Secretary, Recruitment

Manages the recruitment and patronage system.

Squadron Secretary

Oversees the website and forums.

Each role manages the administrative effort to run the squadron. This is a demanding and time consuming role and as a reward for service the flag officer also get to vote on Promotions and Awards and well as strategic, out of game decisions. Flag officers are some of the most important members of the squadron and without them SGS could not exist.

Forming the Board of Flag Officers

At the end of each map (when one team is declared the winner) the board is formed for the next map. The board is made up of 12% of the full membership, rounded to the nearest odd number with a minimum of 7. Each seat on the board must belong to one of the 7 departments.


  1. During each map officers are invited to apply for the board. Existing members must fill an application to confirm they wish to continue.
  2. At the end of each map (once victory is announced but before the reset) the size of the board for the next map is calculated as 12% of the full membership rounded to the nearest odd number. With a minimum of 7.
  3. A poll is then created in the flag office with an separate option for each applications primary and secondary choice. Each voter is given the number of choices as there are seats on the board. The old board then votes for the new.
  4. The results are modified with the following points.
    1. Knight +1
    2. Viscount +2
    3. Earl +3
    4. Sealord +4
    5. Most votes in that department +20
  5. The highest scoring captains form the board (ties are resolved by seniority)

Stepping Down

A flag officer may step down from the board at any time. He returns to his former status with full honours. His place is then filled as soon as possible.

Removing a Flag Officer

In the unlikely event that a Flag officer is not performing his duties but will not step down he can be retired after a Flag Vote.

Flag officers in game

If a decision is needed in game the following chain of command is used:

  1. Appropriate Flag officer if online
  2. Highest ranking officer


The map coordinators are asking the squadron for their preference in a port flip. As this is a RVR matter it comes under the Chief of Naval Operations. If he is on-line he makes the decision for the squadron (he may of course consult the other officers). However if the CNO is not available then the decision falls the the highest ranking officer onlne (use the Roster to find this).

Flag officers out of game

Each flag officer has a set of responsibility and duties he must perform. In addition to these he is expected to:

  • Nominate officers for promotion
  • Vote on Promotions and Awards
  • Propose changes or new regulations
  • Vote on changes or new regulations