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Pages marked with this symbol are incomplete

Unlike normal web pages, wiki pages are often published in a incomplete state. This encourages collaboration, with different users, filling in the gaps to create a complete document.

For information on editing pages check Editing a page


Lord Seaborn thinks it would be helpful to have some information on the wiki about Daily Missions. He doesn't know the details himself, so he creates a new page called Daily Missions and creates some section titles as a guide. He then marks the page as incomplete by adding the status template.


This adds the banner on the top of the page and makes it a member of the Incomplete category.

Captain McAvoy then clicks on the Incomplete Pages link on the side menu and sees the Daily Mission page listed. He browses to the page and adds some information under Lord Seaborn's titles. He can also add some titles of his own. He also ticks the Watch the page box so he can monitor further updates.

Later on Lord Fletcher browses to the page and adds some more information.

Captain McAvoy then receives an alert that the page has been edited. He views the page and decides that it is now complete. He removes the Status template. The page can still be edited by any user, but it is no longer advertised as incomplete.